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Oddly weepy

Each time I see a woman of a certain age--50-60+--reach out and take the hand of her companion... Husband? Sweetheart? Lesbian lover? Random stranger? ...I think, 'I could have been happy with that. I should have been happy with much less.' Now I have much, much less. But I get sad sometimes. I guess that's better than angry and bitter.
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Another Birthday

I turned 41 yesterday. Surprised? Compute that as a hexadecimal number. I'm glad to have reached this age while there is still Medicare.

Birthdays often put me in a cantankerous mood. Oh, I'm not enthused about the alternative to having them, but I'm not that happy about getting older, either. In reality, I feel 41 and I'm pissed that chronologically I've got 24 years more experience than that.

I think about the situations I write about in Model Student and Living Next Door to Heaven (under the name Devon Layne) as I'm writing them--and often long after. I actually spend the half hour it takes to read each of my chapters when they are posted. Sure, the fact that Brian (LNDtH) has a cadre of nubile teens anxious to push the boundaries with him is a huge fantasy. Tony's four wives and other lovers (Model Student) are an improbability that is beyond the scope of reality. Still, I can imagine myself in that position. Or those positions, depending on what you are talking about.

I'm not pleased with the fact that I'm traveling around the country in a small but elegant travel trailer alone. Every once in a while I'd like to do some primary research. Gather some actual smells, tastes, and tactile sensations to fuel the next chapter. I even registered on a couple of dating sites.

Holy shit! as Brian would say. You fill out questionnaires, sometimes hundreds of questions that are designed to locate compatible matches. And there are some stunning women who show up on my best match list. They are mostly in their 30s and 40s. Most of them are looking for a man in his 30s or 40s. But philosophically and emotionally, they are a 97% match for me. So I've adopted the hexadecimal system for stating my age and declare myself, indeed, 41 years old.

Well, I always spend a few minutes reviewing my past year on my birthday. I've traveled 30,000 miles and have been in 35 different states. I didn't count Colorado in that number because I only had my toes in that state at the Four Corners Monument. I did count Utah and Mississippi, even though I was only a few hours in each. They were important hours spent meditating as I looked out over the desert in Utah and met my younger self as I emerged fifty years ago. I sat on the white sand beach of the Gulf and watched a few bikini-clad spring breakers in Mississippi. Both of those events qualified for inclusion of the states in my count.

I've met dozens of people as I traveled and even some of my readers. I've connected with relatives and nearly forgotten friends. I've revisited the sites in Indiana where I set both LNDtH and The Props Master. I visited Wyoming where I set Redtail and will be returning shortly to research the sequel. I visited Savannah where an important connection was made in The Volunteer. I even made contact with some of the people who inspired characters in my novels, though the characters they inspired are nothing at all like the real people.

All-told, it's been a good year. I'm anxious to be on the road again October 13. I'm spending most of the rest of October in Wyoming and November in New Mexico, meaning I'll also be driving south through Colorado at the end of October-early November. Anyone in those regions who would like to get together for a cup of coffee or a beer, let me know. I really don't know yet where I'm headed after my November writing retreat in New Mexico.

The very concept of a writing retreat is one of those things that I find mildly amusing. I've written over 700,000 words so far during 2014. Taking into account my work between September and December 2013, that's over a million words in the past year.

Who actually has that much to say????

Still the words keep coming, the characters keep talking in my head, and I reserve the month of November each year to write one (or two) complete novels that I intend to publish. This year, it will be the sequel to Redtail that will start posting at StoriesOnline ( in late January or February after I've had a chance to rewrite and edit it. Most of that work will occur during the two weeks I'm in Ruidoso, NM. This will be my eleventh year of doing NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and will be my 13th completion. (Two years I did it twice.) If you are a NaNo person, drop me a note and we'll buddy-up on the website.

Well, that's the news for another year. Carry on!
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The Clitorides Awards

Hello friends. I've been nominated for a "Clitoride" award for my erotic romances. If you can't stand the subject, please stop reading now.

The Clitorides are awards for writers of fine erotica. There are 22 different categories for nominated stories and two for nominated authors. I'm happy to say that my stories "The Prodigal" and "Triptych" have both been nominated as "Best Romantic Story." "The Prodigal" has also been nominated as "Epic Erotic Story of the Year." My story "The Props Master 1: Ritual Reality" has been nominated as "Best Erotic Fantasy Story." And finally, I have been nominated as "Author of the Year." Needless to say, I'm thrilled that fans have seen fit to nominate me for these awards. The Clitorides have been out of business for the past four years, but have always been the standard for recognizing works in this category.

But now is the time for work, and therefore I'm asking your help, if you are not squeamish about participating. The finalists are based on the top number of nominations in a category. I have the second largest number of nominations for "The Prodigal" as Best Romantic Story. I'd like to push it up in the rankings so that it will show well in the finals. You can help by nominating it. Here is the process:

1. Go to the Clitorides Awards site:
2. Nominate "The Prodigal" by following the buttons. The story address is:
3. Author name is "aroslav"
4. Nominate as "Best Romantic Story" and/or as "Epic Erotic Story of the Year."
5. Click the submit button on two pages.
6. Accept my thanks!

If you would like to nominate other of my stories as well, here is the pertinent info:
"Triptych": "Best Romantic Story"
"The Props Master 1: Ritual Reality": "Best Erotic Fantasy Story."
Author "aroslav": "Author of the Year." (I'm not eligible for New Author.)

Thank you all for your support!
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Finally on the market

Actually, it's on the market right on schedule. My house is for sale. The past two weeks have been frantic, trying to get it ready. That includes moving the wife out and over to her new apartment, getting the daughter to clean up her room, and painting, patching, and cleaning everything in the house.

Things just worked out differently than we planned. I was supposed to be on a plane yesterday afternoon heading back to Texas to resume my leisurely trip across the U.S. Just as I was loading my bags in the car, we got a call to tell us the wife's stepdad was in the hospital and not expected to make it through the weekend. Instead of going to the airport, I cancelled my flight, wife booked the redeye to Minneapolis, and I did the final clean-up and get ready to show.

At 11:00 this morning, there was a line of six people at the door waiting for the open house to start. Total of 23 between 11:00 and 4:00. (Just had to stop and let another agent and her clients in. That makes 24 today.) I've had to be out of the house most of the day. (Oh my. There's another one.) I'm thinking of turning all the lights off and the porch light off like we do on Halloween to indicate there's no more candy!

Well, the new development means I'm going to be delayed in continuing the trip. I don't know if it will be for only the weekend or for a week or two. I agree with my daughter that this is a lousy place to live while it's being shown every day. I already have scheduled three showings for tomorrow and just got a call for another in an hour. Then it's open houses all day Saturday and Sunday. Yi! I want to get back to my trailer and start southeast from where I left off in the Texas Panhandle. If I can't get to Louisiana by February I might scream! I can't say how much I wish I was stretched out in my nice comfortable bed in the trailer thinking about what I might see tomorrow. I don't know where this ache to travel came from, but the trailer is my home and I can't wait to be back in it.

There's not much there. About the only thing I've acquired since I left last August is a new hat and a pair of boots. It's a simple life and in July when I'm back in Seattle again, I intend to finish my downsizing by emptying the 5'x5' storage unit that I've kept with things I wasn't quite ready to part with. That's the difference, though, between my wife and me. We tossed a lot of stuff, but really, the house is still fully furnished. She's moved to a two-room apartment and has it stacked floor to ceiling with boxes of stuff she isn't ready to part with. And she has overflowed into other parts of the house where her unit is. I can't believe how much stuff she wants to keep in her newly downsized and simplified life. I think of it as putting nine rooms of shit in a two-room outhouse. It stinks. How much of the furniture that is here will she want to move over there instead of selling?

I talked to my daughter about downsizing. She's got a ton of stuff and was really stressing about what to get rid of. The amount of stuff she plans to move with her to college is staggering. I told her that a friend said most people in the United States accumulate at a rate of doubling the amount of stuff they own every three to five years. I find it incomprehensible that in our mobile society we accumulate so much! I would think that the more people move around the less stuff they would have. There used to be an old saying in the military that five moves equal one fire. But now it just means a gain in square footage to fill. Someone stop the insanity!

Enough rant. Soon . . . Very soon, I'll be back in my 16 foot trailer and touring the country some more. I think I'll go to Maine in May.
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Getting ready to go again

It's Monday night and on Wednesday afternoon I'll be on a plane to Texas to pick up my truck and cruise along the Gulf Coast toward Key West. I've been five weeks as of tomorrow away from my home and trying to get my house on the market. It will be officially for sale about the time I'm over Colorado. I can't wait to get back--still there is so much to get done.

The truth is that my work here is about done. Nothing of mine is still in the house except what I'll be packing back with me. But there is the final moving of stuff out of the house, putting out stuff for the charity truck, another dump run. And taxes.

I'm trying to put together the Elder Road taxes this evening and that involves entering the past three months' accounting data. I guess I don't do too well a that. It is made more difficult by Lightning Source. They've become harder to work with over the past three years. They still don't have my imprint correct, though at least my checks are coming to the right place finally. Trying to match up their AP statements, Sales Comp statements, and Check remittance statements is a pain in the ass. Half the time the numbers don't make sense. Customer service is a thing of the past. There are so many bills for listing in various catalogs that should just be part of their service. I am slowly moving my books out of LSI and over to CreateSpace--something I never thought I'd do.

Then, if my wife ever finishes reviewing the papers, we need to file our separation. At the same time, I need to give her power of attorney to close on the house without me being here. Is that screwed up backward or what? Well, it makes no difference. With luck, we'll have a gazillion offers and someone will pay us more than it's worth by next weekend. That's the way it's supposed to work, right?
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Changed Travel Plans

Had to change my travel arrangements and delay returning to my truck and trailer in Texas until the 15th. I'm staying in Seattle an extra week to get my affairs in order so the house can be sold and my separation papers can be filed. Sometimes I don't know why we don't just go straight to divorce. She's mad enough at me to agree to it right now. But, the important thing at the moment is to get the house on the market and I still have to pick up six months worth of dog shit in the back yard! I'm going to end up paying for a lot more stuff than I originally intended, but it will be worth it to get the damned thing sold.

In writing news, work on my new book is progressing. Just finished the second chapter and currently have 8100 words in the new version. Mostly I like it, though it moves more slowly than I wish it would. Still, it covers a lot of ground in the first two chapters. Not everything has to be written like a thriller, I suppose. A couple nice rituals. It will earn its designation as an occult fantasy. (I hate using the term "urban fantasy" as that has pretty much been usurped by vampires, zombies, and werewolves. There's magic in this, but it's pretty much normal people.) The story is set in 1954-55. It's "The Props Master Prequel: Behind the Ivory Veil."

The first version was written in 1978-79. It was revised 14 times between then and 1986, many of them partial revisions. Then this fall I released "The Props Master 1: Ritual Reality." ( I decided afterward that I needed to go back and redo the prequel. This one will probably only have two rather hot sex scenes in the entire book. "Ritual Reality" had half a dozen. Still, I'll release it on in about March and the eBook in April. We'll see how it goes.

Well, I'd better get busy if I'm going to get that dog-poop picked up!
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The writing has begun.

After three or four weeks of being miserable because I wasn't writing anything, I started the rewrite of "The Props Master Prequel: Behind the Ivory Veil" yesterday. Not writing anything near my normal speed, but I like it. Original was written in '79. My most recent draft was begun and abandoned in '84 or '85. But having released "The Props Master 1: Ritual Reality" I decided I needed to go back and release the prequel so people would know what the hell was going on. Apparently it's not just backstory.

"Redtail" is posting at I'm pleased with the download traffic, but the scores aren't up to where I want them yet. I'd like it to be Devon Layne's first paperback, but if scores don't improve drastically, I'll relegate it to just eBook again. We'll see.

Other than that, it's more cleaning, packing, and hauling out the trash. Two weeks before I can head back for my journey along the Gulf Coast.
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Happy New Year!

I've been celebrating on New York time even though I'm on the West Coast. Now I can go to bed!

I haven't been posting much here because I have several other blogs and ... well, life interferes. On the other hand, I've been thinking of doing a lot more here, simply because I need a place to vent and pour out stuff that I'd never tell anyone IRL.

As a result, you can expect that I'll be cleaning house a bit which inevitably means I'll be deleting some of my friends and perhaps making some new ones. Since I'm seldom here, I don't suspect that the friends I delete will notice much of anything different. Those I keep can opt out if you'd like.

In general, I'm on a somewhat new course. I moved out last August and have been on the road in a pickup truck towing a 16' trailer. I love it. I'll be touring the Gulf Coast starting in mid-January. I still write and publish with 24 books in the market now. No you probably never heard of them. 12 are my own and I publish for 6 other authors. There's a lot more to come this year.

I post on New Year's Eve to draw a line in the sand. I'm going beyond it and don't plan to return to this side. We can never really go back, can we? It's a big country and a brave new world. I'm facing it alone for the most part and hope to meet a ton of great people on my journey. Don't ask where I'm going. It's not about the destination; it's about the journey.


ArmchairBEA grinds to a halt

Aside from the fact that no one wants to go home after a great party, the end of the week also brings an end to Book Expo America and ArmchairBEA. The week has absolutely flown by. Of course, that's partly due to attempting to work a couple of days at my job, write and edit a book, design and publish a book, and keep up with the requests for review copies coming in from ArmchairBEA. I'm happy to say that I've received nearly 75 requests for eBooks of four different titles from book bloggers this week. Now I have to put together the email and attach the books. This is the first year that I've offered three different formats of most of the books: ePUB, MOBI, and PDF. I want to make sure each reviewer gets the right format.

I've made a huge change in my publishing life this year and I'm teetering on the edge of being overwhelmed. Here's a little of what has gone on for releases:

LifeHappenscovericonLife Happens--Live It! by Jake French was released in eBook form May 18. Jake is a remarkable young man who, through an accident, became a paraplegic at the age of 26. He has compiled the inspiring stories of a dozen different people who have overcome physical handicaps to lead incredible lives.

StealingHomecvriconStealing Home-A Con's Guide to Inheritance Theft by Phil Lemmons was released the week before BEA and is available in both print and eBook. This is a great little book that shows how cons steal the wealth and sometimes the lives of elderly parents and clients. It's a real eye-opener.

MuralcovericonModel Student Book One: Mural
by Devon Layne is our first foray into the world of adult literature. This is an eBook of erotic romance and a coming of age story rolled into one. It is sensitive, emotional, and just far enough into fantasy to let the reader daydream. As one reader wrote: "There is no skin between you and the characters you write."

PebblehoofcovericonPebblehoof by Jason Black will debut on July 20 at the PNWA Writers' Conference. This middle grade historical adventure follows 10-year-old Maria as she and her parents homestead in Nebraska in the mid-1800s. Life on the prairie is harsh and the reality of land-grabbing villains working in the name of the railroad threaten to destroy the fragile homestead her family has created. But Maria finds comfort and a true friend in Pebblehoof, a wild mustang.

FBOMcovericonFor Money or Mayhem by Nathan Everett will release on August 16 in association with Studio East--Training for the Performaing Arts. Beloved computer forensics detective Dag Hamar returns in this prequel to For Blood or Money. It's a younger, grittier Dag who has just entered the world of digital investigation when he is dragged out of his virtual world into the streets of Seattle to track down a kidnapped girl and an on-line predator.

I've also transferred my two books published last year to Elder Road Books.

TGRCovericonThe Gutenberg Rubric by Nathan Everett continues to thrill people as Keith and Maddie--two rare book librarians--race time, terrorists, and Homeland Security to find and preserve a legendary book printed by Johann Gutenberg. Truly a popular book among people who love the history of books and printing.

Steven George & The Dragon
by Nathan Everett is the story of a dragonslayer sent out to subdue a beast that is terrorizing his isolated village. Unfortunately, Steven doesn't know what a dragon looks like, where it lives, or how to slay it. His journey is guided by the exchange of "Once upon a times" with the people he meets on the endless road. Not a children's book. Think Grimm's Fairy Tales when you choose the audience for this Young Adult Fantasy.

There will be others! This year, I've also designed books that are on the shelves for other authors who are self-publishing. Some have the Elder Road imprint, but most are independently published.

Flight For Control
by Karlene Petitt. After a ten-year leave, Kathryn Jacobs has been invited back to the N.T.S.B to investigate a series of unexplained airline crashes.

DoxologycovericonDoxology by Brian Holers. Vernon Davidson is an angry man. After a lifetime of abuse and loss the 61-year-old is ready to get back at God, his co-workers, and everyone else is in his north Louisiana hometown.

CarillecovericonSupporting Carille by Isabelle Bryant. In Seattle four individuals with medical issues and their family members form a support group; eight individuals who otherwise would not have chosen each other.

So, I have been doing something over the past few months, not to mention writing four novels since the first of November, some that will actually see print one day!

I hope this week of ArmchairBEA has been a great one filled with books and reviews and support of the publishing industry for you. I am looking for bloggers who would like a guest post from either Jason Black in late July or Nathan Everett in late August for the blog-tours that will support their new releases. Please contact me!