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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

Newsy, drowsy, achy, antsy

Just some of the words to describe the body and environment. Spent the day yesterday painting the front of the house. After I told DW that I was going to do it she was quite upset that I'd consider getting on a ladder and painting. But after I agreed to do the ladder work after she got home, I could hardly get a break in for the rest of the day. Result, all trim, door, and siding on the front carport section painted and looking good. The sun has just finally come out and I'm debating whether my aching muscles will allow me to get out on the cantilevered portion of the house and do that part today. DW suggested that I could probably do the whole back of the house without much problem as well. That would leave just the tall two-and-a-half story ends and the eves to have hired out. Well, it depends how long the weather and my back hold out.

Thursday I found out that I'm going to preach at the Unitarian church next Sunday. I was slated to do this particular sermon in April, but I sat down Friday night to write out my thoughts and general outline. An hour and a half later I had 2,642 words. Guess I got into my NaNo writing mode. I have another short example to add, then I have to time it and may have to edit it down a bit. This one will be different than any of my usual sermons at the UU church. Most of the time I do Pagan rituals with an occasional topical sermon tossed in. But a year ago when I did my Blue Highways sermon, people asked if I wouldn't find something I could preach on with the same fire and evangelical fervor that I had when I was preaching on street corners back in the 60s. I agreed to do a sermon on "Faith." It's actually one I've had rattling around in my head for about eight years, but never got around to developing. How do you put something together that is essentially evangelistic, Bible-based, and non-Christian. Well, I'll post the results over at Ritual Reality later this week if you are interested in seeing the results. My favorite line is that "Faith is not the exclusive province of right wing Christians, fundamentalist Muslims, or Orthodox Jews."

Took DD out for a little bite of lunch yesterday while we were waiting for DW to get home so we could start painting. We got to talking about her NaNo, which she has titled "Race Through Fire." I made up a little bookplate for her and she's thrilled.

So we got to talking about how her story is structured. It is a fantasy (characters have specific endowed super-powers) that pits a dozen teams of five kids each against each other in a race across a desert. The thing is the kids all are dropped off in different places and don't know where the goal is from their start point.

So we got to talking about the basic points of a "hero's journey" tale and the options she had on stretching the adventures of this race out across an entire book. That in turn has inspired my next "Writing Lessons" post, so stay tuned. It seems to relate to my plotting of Stn. George as much as to her book.

I started watching "Mask of Zoro" last night. I'd seen the newer sequel, but realized I never saw the first one that featured Antonio Banderas and Katherine Zeta Jones. I didn't make it all the way through, but I think I'll finish it this afternoon if I can escape the paint fever that now grips our household. I thought it was pretty cute. (And, of course, so are both Zeta Jones and Banderas.)

Well, I've got to see which of the prevailing moods are going to win the afternoon.


She's doing NaNo, too? That's awesome :D Tell her good luck.
This is her third year doing NaNo. She won her first year as a 12-year-old on the Young Writers Program. (choose your own goal). Last year she got waylaid by a sudden discovery that she was behind in a class she didn't know she had assignments in and so didn't get to finish her story (which was really a good one). She's qpeskates on the forums and would love to have a new friend (hint, hint)! This year's story really sounds fun. I'd like to write it myself!