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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

Near life experience...

I was so sick. And it happened so suddenly. DW actually called 911!

It started Wednesday night. I'd just finished watching The Bionic Woman and the dog wanted to go out. When I stood up I felt a tight cramping in my lower abdomen. Huh. Gas pain, I thought. We'll go for a walk. But it didn't go away. Gas kept building and blowing. Next the runs. DW called all-night nurse who said to try some Malox. Helpful.

By 12:30 I was in the can puking my guts out. I thought it was literally. I couldn't stand up. DW got me to a chair and told me she'd called 911. Nice EMTs got there in about ten minutes. Must have been a slow night. Fever. 102.6. Blood pressure dropped twenty points when I stood up. Might be dehydrated a little, but you've probably gotten rid of everything. We think it was some bad food.

Great. Started feeling better, except I had the chills. Couldn't get warm. Went to sleep and woke up at 3:30 sweating like a pig and unable to cool down. Fitful dozing until 8:00. Called in sick for the all-day team meeting I was supposed to lead. Called doctor and was in to see her at 9:00. Not food-poisoning. Not with a fever. Don't like the pain in the abdomen that's still there. Go have a CT scan. Different office. By that time the headache had arrived and it came to stay.

11:45 get a quart of barium to drink. I've only had 9 ounces of water in the past eighteen hours and they think I can drink a quart of chalky minty milkshake. Miracle, I got over three-quarters of it down. Actually think it helped settle my stomach some. In for scanning at 1:00, then back to the doctor's office. Scan looks normal. Sorry. It's the flu. Drink as much liquid as you can and go rest.

Home. Another small glass of water. Bed. Slept till 7:30. Up and drank a little broth and couple of crackers. Watched the recording of Life. My eyes hurt so much I couldn't keep them open and the head still hurt. Took a Tylenol and more water and went back to bed.

Woke up this morning at 8:30 and felt fine. Called in for day 2 of the team meeting I was leading and led the brainstorming session over the phone. Ate lightly, but well. Kept drinking liquids. Now feeling fine, except it is a quarter after midnight and I'm just thinking about going to bed.

The good thing is it was fast. If it had been that intense for more than the few hours I was conscious, I don't think I could have taken it. What a wipe-out. Fever didn't completely disappear until this evening. Wow. Two weeks before flu shots arrive at our location.


Eep. Glad you're feeling better!

Any idea what your plans for the weekend look like? I'm pretty excited about the laptop. :D
Thanks! Hope the laptop is working out for you. It takes a little getting used to using the pen. I found using the text entry box was just about as fast as writing everything by hand. See you tomorrow night!
It's working well so far! My handwriting is horrible, so when I've needed to I've just used the screen keyboard, though for the initial setup I plugged the keyboard in to speed things up. (Haven't missed the 6 yet, though it's probably just a matter of time.)

About the only awkward thing I've experienced so far is the fact that I was used to the way a laptop positions the screen... having the screen be actually in my lap has been a bit weird so far. But overall, I like it quite a bit. Thanks!
I'm glad you're doing better.

We've had local positive cases of the flu already at least weeks ago, but luckily we also have flu shots available. I've been trying to get everyone in my family to get one as soon as possible.
Especially important with the little one on the way. Our flu shots here are on Nov 6. Well, this was probably a strain that isn't covered by the shot anyway. Thanks for your good wishes and good luck with Katie Bug!
glad to hear you're doing better now. hope that means you'll be immune to such things during NaNo!!
I certainly hope so! DW came down with the same thing Sunday night. Exactly the same symptoms, same time of night, the works. 4 days gestation! We're hoping DD escapes unscathed.
That sounds like the dreaded norovirus. Those things suck. Glad you're on the mend.

(Warning: It's contagious as hell; hope your family doesn't come down with it next.)
Yes. In spite of our best precautions, DW came down with it Sunday night. We are just hoping that the increased precautions keep it away from DD. Not exactly the way to watch the Sox win the series!
I hope it's gone now, completely. The flu that has been going around our work has been the off again, on again variety. I'm so sorry you felt so awful.

Glad you've mended.
Thank you for your good wishes. It seems to have ended and been final when it did. I'm just hoping that it stays dead!
Holy cow, I missed this. Glad you're better! You must stay healthy for November!