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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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Steven George

What Steven carries

It came to my attention as I started actually thinking about what I would write after the first "Once upon a time..." that I hadn't really determined what Steven would be carrying on his trek of a million steps. I believe that he will collect the things that he carries as he is leaving his home village.

First, his lover will give him his pack along with a lunch she has packed for him. In the pack will be his knife, bedroll, a pan, string (or gut or leather thongs), dry socks, a heavy sweater, and a waterskin. Probably some dried meat and fruit as well. Not much to take off for a few months with, but Steven is resourceful. Then the village hunter will give him a bow and quiver of arrows. That is the method of hunting that is known in the village, so the assumption is that's what you will need when hunting a dragon. The village wisewoman will give him a pouch of herbs. The teacher will give him a jeweled pendant. The village elder will give him a staff. And finally, Steven's mother will give him a hat. A rather ridiculous-looking hat with ear-flaps and fur, but what mother would let her son leave for a long journey without a hat?

All told, Steven will carry no more than 35 pounds of cartage. His pack itself is made of a large oilskin that he can use to cover his head in rain and as a leanto at night. It is fastened with a strong rope that loops over his shoulders for carrying.

Steven is wearing sturdy mountain boots made of goatskin. He wears leather breeches held up with suspenders. He has two layers of shirts on, one of flax/linen, and one of wool. He has gloves slung from his waist. (These might go in the pack. It is late summer when he departs.)

So, what have I missed? Is there another absolute essential that Steven needs to be carrying? Ideas?

Edit: BTW, the first Once Upon a Time will be called "The Implausible Hat."


Would he have any pilgrim badges?


I have some books on medieval costume that I can bring to a writein if you want. Nothing you probably can't find online, but fun anyway.
I've actually added a badge given to him by the village shaman, which becomes an integral part of his story hat. Thank you for the suggestion!
It becomes very significant eventually that what his lover gave him was "lunch." Has to do with some things being consummable and then they are gone.
Wasn't he supposed to have an instrument? A harmonica or pan-pipes or something like that?
After I switched the emphasis to the hat, I kind of lost the instrument. It didn't seem as important anymore.