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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

The Crap has hit The Fan again

By "Crap" I mean another inch plus of icy snow, and by "Fan" I mean the network of roads that take one anywhere but a ditch around here. I could go on about how beautiful it is, but what it really means is that in sub-freezing weather I will walk the two miles to the office today so that I can be there for lunch with J & G who are bidding farewell to the Borg and launching their careers as writers. I wouldn't miss that, even though I am insanely jealous.

Schools all over Seattle and the western half of the state are closed today, and throughout the southeast as well. There are reports of people stopping in the middle of I-5 to put chains on their cars. Busses that have jackknifed on the entry ramps, traffic backups of monumental proportions on all the secondary streets. Since DD attends school on-line, of course, she is not affected by the weather (boo hoo for her). However, since her skating lesson this morning is exactly in the heart of where the news reports the worst traffic and ice problems, she won't be headed to the rink today. That really snarls her hair and I'm sure we'll have to watch the men's skating finals that we recorded yesterday sometime this afternoon to make up for everything.

Remind me again why I left Minnesota? Didn't it have something to do with never shoveling snow again?
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Ah, and I hate it when we have a year with a freeze.
When I was packing up things to move here a few years ago, my friends told it almost never snowed in Seattle.

So far, it's snowed enough to close my place of work down for at least one day every single year I've lived here!
But you live in possibly the snowiest spot in the Seattle-Metro area. How did you manage that?
Manage what? Not packing for snow?

When I originally moved here, I lived in Lake City Way, not the top of Mount Screwed-By-Most-Forms-Of-Precipitation. :)
BLURGH, snow.
I had a similarly frustrating weekend of weather. Only my beef is with wind, not with snow. I guess after living in Colorado and MT (where schools only close if there is eight FEET or more of snow. No kidding.) I can deal with snow (and most people know how to drive in it). But the WIND, the WIND just chaps my behind, and there was plenty of it!!

I know Seattle and Portland can be scary in the ice. One of my favorite (morbidly) videos on YouTube is the video of the Icy Portland Streets.