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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

Does anyone know how to make a Brigid's Cross?

I'd like to use one in my Imbolc ritual on Sunday, but I can't figure out how to weave it together. Also known as a Bride's Cross.
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This is odd, but we're both friends with cloverdew and we're both doing Imbolc rituals apparently (she mentioned you on one of my entries). I'm actually in the same situation. The group I usually do pagan stuff with (Mountain CUUPS) isn't having an Imbolc this year, so I'm probably going to end up doing it on my own, and despite my own experiences I still have no idea how to tie Brigid's Cross.

I like the site that someone else posted above. So I might end up using that.
I was not intentionally ignoring your comment on my post. I hope your Imbolc ritual either has gone or will go well. At the time of your post, you had about all the info that I had on making a Bride's Cross. I finally chose two directions. Since our service is intergenerational, I wanted the kids to make a Bride's Cross in the service. So I've chosen to bundle stacks of pipecleaners up for them tomorrow. My daughter and I have tested it several times, and we can explain it pretty quickly when demonstrating and can probably get everyone through the exercise in about five minutes. Then we will parade them around the sanctuary blessing everyone's hearth, health, and creativity.

For my purpose, however, I also wanted a larger cross for the front of the altar. I chose to work with natural raffia. Working alone, I managed to make a couple of fairly small ones, but hung one in the wreath on our door and it really looks swell. I wanted one quite large for the altar, though, and simply couldn't do it alone. DD and I worked on it together for about half an hour this afternoon and came out with a really nice one about 18" across. I found the trick was to tie off each bundle each time I wrapped it. It holds together without falling apart that way. So I'm set for tomorrow. Hope your ritual has gone well.