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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

I slipped a gig in my pocket and left the office...

I had a backup gig in my cell phone and a twelve-pack stashed in my laptop. Let the media rip, I was ready.

Well, that bit of randomness was inspired by carting around a bunch of photos and PowerPoint presentations on a gigabyte SD card the size of a decorator postage stamp. Then I realized that in a micro-SD card in my phone I had another gigabyte of memory that I keep music on. I've got an 8 gigabyte SD card in one slot of my laptop and a 4 gig Sony Memory Stick in the other one. Total weight of all that memory is less than an ounce!

I remember when I got my first portable hard-drive. It was a 500 megabyte Bernouli disk about six inches square and a half-inch deep. When I told folks at my office (1989) that I was carrying around 500 megabytes of data for my seminar, one of the guys humorously quipped, "Man, that much data must weigh a ton!"

When I think of all the files I carried on the 500 meg Bernouli, I remember thinking that I would never have to buy another hard disk in my life.

Okay, so chuckle away. You've got to remember that my first computer was a 512K Fat Mac. I had to get it upgraded to read the new 800k double-sided floppy disks. And I was publishing layouts that I transported from place to place on those floppies.

Now I've got a 750 gigabyte hard drive in my desktop computer, a 250 gig and a 500 gig external hard drive for backups, literally hundreds of 750mb CDs, and I've still got that original Bernouli. How much information do I really need? I've got all my last four novels, two outlines, and a partial on oe 512 mb thumbdrive. I've suddenly realized that I could put pretty much the entire creative product of my life on that Bernouli if you didn't count all the graphics. But instead, I've got thirty gigs of music that I choose from, At least 100 gigs of television shows that I've recorded, and upwards of 200 gigs of digital photos from the past ten years.

What bothers me is that what I've collected far outweighs what I've produced. I doesn't seem right. I've got to go write, now.


When my dad got the family a computer in January 96, it had a 2.1 GB hard drive. He proudly stated we'd never need hard disk space again.

Then we discovered MP3s.
I still have a lot of my early writing stuff on floppy disks! If I had the time I might transfer them onto my external hard drive. But ugh, too lazy. Honestly, thinking of how cheap storage space is nowadays and how much of it is empty makes me want to churn out more work too. Have you typed up your early pen and paper stuff as well, or are they in a box somewhere?
Bah, kids these days with their fancy Fat Macs! Sonny, back in my day, my first computer was a 16k TRS-80 Color Computer, with the memory literally soldered into the motherboard, and half of that space taken up by the runtime system!

Neat trick with the memory stick and SD in the laptop, though; I'll have to see if Vista on my new laptop will do that and use it as extra RAM. I hate swapping.

> What bothers me is that what I've collected far outweighs what I've produced. I doesn't seem right. I've got to go write, now.

Why should that surprise you? You're only one person. Is it really fair for you to expect your personal creative output, prodigious though it may be on the gaussian normal curve of human creativity, to outweigh the smorgasboard of creative works available for you to consume? Indeed, you would be leading an ascetic, intellectually and culturally impoverished life if that weren't the case.

Nevertheless: by all means, go write now. :-)