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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

One thing down.. 50 to go

So I've been so fracking busy with my real job that I haven't done anything creative or exciting in three weeks. Even when I've completed what I had scheduled for a day, I was so exhausted that I only wanted to watch a movie. And let me tell you that it wasn't classics I was watching! Oh, I caught a couple of good ones. "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" was bizarre enough to keep me interested. "Amelie" was completely delightful. Beyond that, the movies I've watched have been utter mindless dreck along the order of "National Lampoon's..." If you asked what a title was, I wouldn't be able to answer and am embarrassed to have most of them rated (at all) on my Netflix page.

So Friday was Strategy Day, my one big day of the year. And it went very well. People were excited to hear what the team was planning and very complimentary on the overall program. I have a ton of follow-up to do, but it doesn't seem as daunting as the prep work was. My leadership team gave me a tie as a thank-you gift for pulling it all together. They know my tastes and my wardrobe so well that all I had to do was get dressed and put it on this morning. It goes perfectly.

In the meantime, DW and DD are convinced that we should move from the house we've been in for thirteen years. Three times we have been close to making an offer but "one little thing" stopped us. Location, too small, too long and straight a stairway for the dog to negotiate without killing himself. I'm taking a week off the 12th and expect that I'll be working like a demon to get the current residence looking decent enough to sell.

Then two friends and I have started a new business. We're going into publishing. Don't send your manuscripts yet... but watch for the official launch announcement in the next couple of months. It is a new and unique concept and I think you'll be very interested. Before then, we have business plans, websites, author contracts, marketing plans, and untold angst while getting ready. I was an independent publisher once before. I used to say that I had spent several years as a theatrical designer, including two years in which I did my Master's work, worked as a TA, and designed and built 24 shows in 24 months. I went into publishing to reduce the stress. Now my goals are more modest!

So, starting soon--very soon--I will be posting progress reports on the editing of "Steven George & The Dragon" and the rewrite of "Four Faces of Carles." I am back, still alive, and anxious to do some creative work.


Thank you! It's good to be back. I'm not sure if the pressure is off, or if the hose is just pointed a different direction, but there are indeed good things in the air. Hope all is well with you. Sorry, I've tried to keep up reading, but haven't had time to comment my friends. I've probably missed a bunch of posts that I'll never catch up as well. But I'm not adding in that pressure!
Good to hear from you! Hopefully you'll be recharged to tackle the big changes. And wow, so excited to hear about the publishing business!
Thanks! Hope your first day of Script Frenzy has gone well. I'm not fully recharged, but I'm plugged in.