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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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60s #

PAD Days 14 & 15

"So, today's prompt is actually inspired by a song I love by Feist. The song is called "How My Heart Behaves," and the prompt for today is to write a poem with the title "How (fill in the blank) behaves"--with the poem inspired by whatever you put in that blank. For instance, you could have a poem titled "How Mr. T's mohawk behaves" or "How the homeless man on 9th Street behaves." Have fun with this one (I know you will)."

How my back behaves

In the morning when the alarm rings,
it acts like it's never been vertical.
It complains about every little thing I ask it to do
-- like stand up straight.
When I finish my shower and start to dress,
it acts like it's never bent before
-- like helping me tie my shoes will kill it.
When I settle into the car and the seat heater comes on,
it acts like a happy little kitten
trying to find the warmest spot on a sun-drenched lap.
It's a bit sulky all day long,
but if I don't ask much of it
it doesn't give me much pain.
Then about 9:00, it starts complaining again,
just begging to be soaked in a hot tub
or rubbed with oil and strong fingers.
When I finally lie down to sleep,
it fidgets and pokes at me,
refusing to settle down and get comfortable.
At last when sleep has overpowered its testy attitude,
it lies quietly, plotting how it will get back at me
for picking up a sack of groceries,
or turning to look behind as I back the car up.
My back behaves like a spoiled child
whose parents can't quite remember
why they wanted to have kids in the first place.

"Write an insult poem. There aren't really any rules attached to the insult poem, but it's usually done in good fun. If you write one, you can often open yourself up to a retaliatory insult poem. And that can lead to the equivalent of an insult poetry food fight."

I got just one nerve left
and wouldn't you just gotta be on it!
You got the gall
to waltz in here spouting holier than thou
and Jesus says,
tellin me how to raise my kid.
Well, I got your stellar example already
-- you with your pregnant teen
and son who can't keep his pants zipped.
I suppose Jesus got something to say about that?
What make you think you can do a better job
raisin my kid than you did your own?
Your kids're so perfect in your blind eyes.
You got less sense than God give a jackass.
I tell you what Jesus say:
Take the log outn yer own eye
before you try to take the dust outn mine.
Next time you got advice to give
just stick your head where the sun don't shine --
-- where you usually keep it.

Hey! I'm caught up. It's taken several days, but at two a day for the past five, I got to fifteen on the fiteenth. In other news, After 80 degrees on Saturday, the temperatures have been in the forties and low fifties since. Rain Monday and Tuesday has slowed my progress on installing the flagstone walk in front of our house. Don't even mention the patio in the back.

I worked until it rained this afternoon and then we went off to see a house we'd like to buy. We'll see if we can get financing to make an offer on it before we get this one on the market. We saw it Monday, then drove by it Monday night. DD & DW drove by again this morning and we met the Realtor there this afternoon after it started raining. We measured all the rooms and listened to see how bad the traffic noise from the freeway was. (It's not bad at all for only being two blocks away.)

But, we really can't count our chickens before they hatch, especially (as DW says) if the hens haven't laid eggs yet. So I'll try to get all the border stones laid tomorrow and see if the house starts looking more sellable. Two weeks to get this ready. Yikes. And my massage therapist had car trouble and missed our appointment this afternoon. Now I have to wait until Saturday. Boo hoo!



You've fallen into the trap that Hubby and I are working very hard to avoid - making improvements to your home that someone else will get to enjoy! We learned this the hard way the first time we sold a house, and ever since we've been doing our best to make sure that we're the ones who get to enjoy the fruits of our labors. The line to walk with that becomes not filling all our time with home improvement projects, and actually doing some enjoying!
The second poem - the style is terrific!

Congrats on meeting your goals. I am hoping the house works out.