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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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Carles Castlerigg


Stolen from littledupont because it's a lot of fun:

Take a screencap of your desktop and display it for others to see. Have them do the same and post it in the comments (maybe a thumbnail version if you can? ♥)



How does one take a screencap?
Assuming you are using a Windows computer (I have no idea how a Mac works anymore) you just press the "PrtScn" function key (at postion F13 usually). That puts a copy of the screen on the clipboard. Then you open whatever program you edit pictures with (Photoshop, Paint, Digital Studio, etc.) and paste the picture into a blank document. You can paste into Word, as well. I happen to run OneNote on my computer and you can take a picture of any selection by pressing the Windows Start button and "s". It puts the copy into your OneNote Notebook and you can copy and paste it from there.
You have added to my knowledge base. Thank you.
Hmm...the next questions seems to be "How do I post a picture in your comments section?"
Ah. Now the tricky part. You actually have to have someplace that is internet accessible to store the picture. Paid accnts on LJ are permitted to upload pictures. There are several free or almost free photo storage sites like Flickr, Pico, Snap, and probably more where you can take out a membership and get some amount of storage for photographs and tell people to view them there. Of course, if you already have a website you can upload your pictures there like I do. Also, I've noticed that a lot of ISPs include some storage space. I have pictures stored at Comcast.net where I have my service that I'd almost forgotten about.

Once your picture lives somewhere on the Internet, then all you have to do in the comment is point to it. The tag would have pointy brackets around it, like most html tags. In the brackets you would put the address of your photo with the tag >img src="http://www.wheremypictureis.com/nameofmyhpicture.jpg" /< That would link your picture to the comment.

Hey! Simple, right?
you are such a sweet person to help out newbies!! I try to do my part too... I figure *I* had to learn too... we all seem to forget that. I was going to post an answer until I realized you already had! Way to go!