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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

Getting excited about community

I'm still sitting in the Community 2.0 Conference in Las Vegas. Frankly, the more I here about the power of community, the more excited I get about participating in them and in starting our new business this summer.

So, I'd like you to help celebrate my excitement by following me on Twitter or friending me on Facebook. Believe it or not, I joined Facebook first so I could become a Target fan. But, I'm also expecting that Gary and Jason and I will be releasing some of the most important information about Long Tale Press through those channels in the coming months.

I'm Wayzgoose on Twitter. Nathan Everett on Facebook. And if you would like to explain to me how to use Facebook, please contact me directly. I'm pretty clueless at the moment.

Right now I'm sitting in a session called "You Won't be MySpace." I understand that, but it's still disappointing. That reminds me, I joined MySpace a year ago, but I've no idea what my user name and password are. I've got to try to resurrect them.

If you'd like the sneak peak at Long Tale Press, go to LongTalePress.com.


I can help you a bit with facebook. I like it better than myspace, personally! Anyhow, I'm glad you feel inspired!
Thanks. I'm going to have some question as soon as I have time outside this conference.
I do not get Twitter at all. I'll friend you on Facebook, though!
Okay, I seem to be having this problem with Facebook a lot lately, so it's probably just me, but I am not seeing you when I search for Nathan Everett. Mind you, there's a lot of them, and no one seems to have public profiles anymore.

If you haven't looked at Facebook Pages yet, I would start there. It sounds like exactly the setup you're planning on using.

I'll follow you on Twitter too, just as soon as freaking Twitter starts working again and lets me login. It seems like they've been down a lot lately.
I still don't understand how Facebook works entirely, so I probably haven't got my profile set up correctly. I'll try to search for you.
I suspect I'm the only Carrie Rolph with a picture of a distressed cat in a sweater.
Okay. You are added. You must have found me because it happened before I made the search for you.
Jamie found you first, and suggested you to me. Phew, that's taken care of.
Just read the sneak peek, and have to say I'm absolutely intrigued. I love to read, and can't wait to participate. However I'm a bit iffy on joining Facebook (too mainstream :P), but do keep us updated!
DOn't worry. LJ is still my number 1 place to let people know what's happening. I'm on Facebook and Twitter and MySpace to try to get things rolling on a broader scale and to learn how they make their communities work. I'm glad you will become involed in Long Tale!
Facebook advice #1: Join some networks so people can find you. I echo the "too many Nathan Everetts" sentiment from above. If you join Seattle, WA and/or Microsoft, that will make it easier for me to add you as a friend. Or you can add me.

Facebook advice #2: Adjust your privacy settings ASAP. Make sure you turn off the email notifications you don't want to get or you'll get spammed with all of your friends inviting you to take quizzes, play games, or be a vampire.

Facebook advice #3: Write on other people's walls, but don't write on your own. Only Facebook losers write on their own walls. :)