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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

Home from Las Vegas and exhausted

Got home without incident from Vegas this afternoon and I'm feeling pretty exhausted. We did, however, have dinner on the new patio this evening, even though we decided not to have a neighborhood party to inaugurate it. Tomorrow evening DW will be off celebrating with her business partner having had one of their properties that they were told was illegal legalized. So DD and I will be doing some packing. They are coming to put in new carpet on the lower level of the house in two weeks and will do the floor sanding and refinishing upstairs the following week. We need to have pretty much everything out of the house by then so we can start moving back only the things we will use for staging. I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to work the computer thing while the house is on the market.

I spent a good bit of time today working on the business plan for Long Tale Press. Unbelievably, people are already signing up to be readers and have started sending in queries for novels--even though our site is only a stub with an e-mail address so far! I talked about the concept at Community 2.0 this week and everybody I told respond with a jaw-drop. They thought the concept was awesome and all wanted to know when we launch. (July, by the way.)

If you can't wait to hear an official announcement, you can go to the stub site now and leave us an email message stating that you want to be a reader/reviewer, or that you'd like a work to be considered for publication. We are shopping for a very limited number of works to have available when we open the doors for the "soft launch" in July. Maybe one of them is yours???


Fantastic! I've gone and signed up. Hope you have good rest :D
We are counting down the days now. Jason and Gary and I are meeting tonight to go over the business plan and rules of engagement. We've gotten comps back from the designers for the site and they look awesome! I'm very excited and hope you will be one of our first writers to submit a manuscript!