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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

It's beginning to feel like a vacation

Well, I'm in the airport waiting to board my flight in about 45 minutes. I'm beginning to clear my mind of mobile communications business and start thinking about the publishing business. Well, who am I kidding. I still have to put together my newsletter for Monday, but that's really not a hardship. I'll do it in the hotel room tonight.

Because DD had "skid-training" this morning at exactly the same time I needed to get to the airport, DW and DD dropped me off before her session and I was 3 hours early to check-in. As a result, I casually asked the counter agent if there were any upgrades available. She said she would put me on standby for first class, then when she printed the boarding pass it came out first class. I had to pay a $50 fee, but who cares! This vacation was based on where I could get a timeshare exchange and a cheap flight. When I searched for flights, this came up with an Internet special of $238 round-trip. Cool. So I went to seat selection and discovered why it was so cheap. Only center seats and back of the bus available. But I figured, what the heck, it was a vacation and I could put up with 2.5 hours of center seat next to a crying baby for a vacation right now. Then when I finished buying the ticket, I got a confirmation that said they had confirmed that I was a Northwest Elite frequent flyer (this is Alaska Air) and that other seats might be available to me. Well, the other seats included all the exit rows and premium aisle seats, so I chose a nice exit row aisle seat. Then get to the airport and get upgraded for $50. So I may have gotten the cheapest first class ticket available anywhere.

DD called a few minutes ago to indicate she had passed her skid training and totally wanted to do drift racing now. Last time I send her to driver's ed, I swear.

So, I've got a list of things to accomplish this week while I'm on vacation, which means away from Microsoft. First, I need to finish the terms of service, uploading terms, and author royalty and rights agreements. Then I need to get Security & Exchange and cloister27's Bread for the Pharaoh produced in lovely, elegant e-book design. Then I'll record the audio book for S&E. I'm assuming that Gary will have his book to me by the end of the week for producing and that as soon as I have the author agreements finished he'll start forwarding me the other books he has lined up for our opening bookstore at Long Tale Press.

Then there is the finish work on The Four Faces of Carles to get done so I can pitch effectively at the PNWA conference the 17th of July. And, I need to get Stn. George & The Dragon ready for production in the After Hours 2008 anthology. I'm expecting that I'll make that available as an individual e-book as well, but don't know if we'll offer it through Long Tale Press. It's a little tricky as I've committed all revenue from the book to Room to Read. I want to make sure they get as much as possible. Watch for the announcement of a site that you can buy it and use PayPal to pay.

If I can accomplish any sizable portion of those projects this week, I'll have felt really worthwhile, but I also need to write author bios and synopses of the "Would you publish this book?" meme that we are launching Long Tale with. This should be really fun. I'll be releasing details of the little quiz in the near future and starting July 15 you'll be able to participate.

Wow! This is a vacation? Hell, yeah! People go on vacation to do something the really love and don't have the opportunity to do during the normal work week. I intend to watch some movies and do a little swimming, too. The whole idea of going to Palm Desert is to warm up and dry out my poor wet aching joints. Maybe I'll even be able to breathe. I might also take a drive down to the south end of the Salton Sea and visit El Centro, where my Grandfather lived for many years before his death in '75. I believe that location is going to have significance in my fall novel, working title "Gutenberg's Other Book."

Well, that's a lot of rambling for now. I'll add a cut so it doesn't clutter your FList. I board in fifteen minutes, so I guess I'll go to the gate now.


vacations are SO GREAT! I sometimes feel like I need a vacation after the vacation to recover, though.