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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

Last full holiday

They tell me check-out time tomorrow is 10:00 a.m. and are kind enough to say that anything later will be charged at $50 per hour! Wow. That was an abrupt message to listen to at 11:30 last night. So I guess that I'll head back for the resort now and begin pulling things together. I've had a productive last day here (and it's not over yet). I have just one more chapter of Stn. George & The Dragon to edit. I'll get that finished today and start laying the book out.

I didn't work on either The Four Faces of Carles or Gutenberg's Other Book this week. There was simply too much other stuff to do. But I accompished a lot for being on vacation. (Including at least two dips in the pool and a nap every day!) I've decided not to pitch FFoC at the PNWA conference. The comments that I got back from the contest were not really very good. For thinking it was one of my best efforts to date, it got the most negative feedback. I simply don't have time to look at it critically and get a clean draft ready before the conference. So I think I'll work more slowly on polishing it and submit it this fall at http://www.longtalepress.com. I believe in our system, so I'm not just going to circumvent it and say that it's my book, so we'll publish it anyway. It's going into the slushpile submissions file (we changed the name) for reader reviews just like everyone else's. So that puts me right back in the place I was last January, wondering what I will pitch. I'm tempted to pitch Stn. George, even though I'm planning to bring it out as a charitable publication on my own nickel. It should be interesting to see what they say about the concept as agents and editors.

Oh! I have a sister who is having a birthday today. I should call and wish her HBd. Let's see, she is fourteen years older than me, so that should make her 72 today. I can't believe she's that old! But as birthdays go, this year will mark her 72nd, Sis2's 70th, Sis3's 68th, and Sis4's 53rd. Where does the time go? Ever get the feeling that you really need to get going on some of those dreams and aspirations now before it's too late? DO IT!

Well, it's time for my afternoon swim and nap. :-)