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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

Melinda Rucker Haynes on Effective Internet Promotions

She is a successful author (www.melindaruckerhaynes.com/books.shtml), good speaking voice and material. But... she doesn't know how to use her laptop well enough to do a PowerPoint presentation. Can't get it to display on both screens. Can't get it into presentation store. Actually turned and read one of her first slides to us. Then with the author displayed on the screen, said "who wrote that?"

Okay. So let's focus on the presentation. Publisher's responsibility is editorial, positioning in the market, manufacturing and distribution. Author's responsibility is career development.

Advice: Check andfollow http://www.publishingtrends.com.

Melinda's site has a lot of material on it regarding the development of your writing career. Even podcast. Your brand is your writing career. Take what you are an expert on and work it into your brand. You are selling you. What craft do you do; what charity do you raise funds for; what organizations are you part of?

Aside: When writers become authors on Long Tale Press, they will have a lot of responsibility in promoting their works to the public. We'll have a growing batch of places we send books for reviews, and means of getting the word out, but we won't be controlling the author's brand. They will.

Promotional Planning Inventory:
  • What is my book's content?

  • What of my expertiese, interests, personal and professional history qualify me to write the book?

  • Who is the audience for my book?

Media cares abut personal stories, not about books.
Book videos and book trailers don't stand out from the cover copy.
People on the Internet will read about your book because they are used to reading online.

Find your audience/readers
  • Define your reader

  • What are your readers' goals?

  • Why would the reader be interested in your book's content or in you?

  • Where online can you connect directly with your potential readers?

  • Where online can your readers find you?

Do a Google (or LIVE) search on the keywords you deefined for your book in the "What is my book's content?" question above. Find out how interested people are in your subject matter and where they go to find out about it.

Aside: At Long Tale Press, we need to help facilitate author websites. Help them establish their brand alongside ours.

She has a lot of pages on her site but they don't have consistent navigation. Have to back out in order to follow the next stream.

Submit your URL to search engines. (http://www.submitexpress.com)
Number one is to have your own website. Number two is to have your own blog.
MySpace maybe. Book videos and book trailers. Commonly used on author's MySpace pages. Thousands of book trailers out there. If you don't do it yourself, don't waste your money. Go for a minute at most. Two minutes seems like forever. Free images at dreamstime.com and music at digitaljuice.com. Good if you can do it yourself and not spend a lot of time or money. Check into dianagroe.com for good examples of do it yourself book videos.

Podcasting is a great way to promote. Many authors have audio blogs where they talk instead of write. Just be excited and interesting. Don't broadcast things you aren't interested in.

You can get a copy of her presentation for this workshop on CD. Go to www.melindaruckerhaynes.com/books.shtml. Buy any personally autographed book. Get FREE shipping and handling Plus a Bonus: FREE audio CD of Melinda's "Effective Internet Promotions for Every Writer."