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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

Agents on Parade--PNWA conference

Emmanujelle Alspaugh: Wendy Sherman Associates. 50/50 ficiton and non-fiction. She deals with womens voices. Always looking for historical fictions. No mystery/thriller/dead bodies in the first chapter. Magical realism. Genre Romance. Not genre fantasy. How-to to Narrative in non-fiction. No health or parenting. Memoirs are good. Like to see query letters. Know where your book fits on the bookshelf, but don't compare it with the incomparable (Catcher in the Rye, Harry Potter).
Brandy Bowles: Agent for 8 months. Howard Morhaim Literary Agency. Does more editing now as an agent than she did as an editor. Non-fiction: Pop culture, music, humor, memoir. Looking for historical novels and mysteries (dead bodies are okay) and scifi. Limited fantasy, but not quest tales. Contemporary southern fiction. Make sure you know who you are sending to and what they want. Don't send rejections back to the rejections. What is pop culture? Broad category that includes GenX or GenY non-fiction. Sex drugs and rock&roll. Coming of age. Music, celebrity.
Regina Brooks Serendipity Literary Agnecy. Wants childrens picture books, middle grade, and young adults. Adult Fiction and non-fiction as well. Women's finance and crafts. Health & Wellness. Science. Fiction: No scifi or fantasy, not interested in mystery or romance. Women's, commercial, and literary fiction. Works heavily with authors to market their books. Put in the query letter why you should be the person to write this book. If you write in multiple genres, don't try to pitch all of them in one query letter. Just one at a time.
Minju Chang and Kendra Marcus, BookStop Literary Agency: We only do childrens literature. We work with authors. Fiction/non-fiction, ya mg picture books. BookStop is always thrilled to find manuscripts with unforgettable and vivid voices. make me laugh. Make me cry. Make me stay up late at night because I can't put it down. Don't tell me you read it to your grandchildren and they loved it. For MG we like funny, smart, voices that carry you into their world. YA just crystal clear voices that grab you and make you want to keep reading. To grab attention in a query: don't write in 5pt type. Don't start with a big chunk or quote that I have to figure out what's going on. Illustrations or not? Generally no. Each publishing house has their own kind of look. If you illustrate, you limit the possibilities.
Bruce Economou Pine River Entertainment. Mostly looking for screenplays for specific talent. Mostly looking for screen-plays, but some books. Interested in books that can be adapted to a screenplay. Looking for character-driven, comedy, drama, dramedy. Not scifi or fantasy. Need a 120 page screen-play that I can't stop reading. Need good story-telling. Is there an issue with people getting screenplay ideas stolen? It can be registered with the screen-writer's guild. If it is so fascinating that no one has ever heard it before, everyone will know if someone tries to steal it. Query letters: Punctuate them correctly!
Michelle Grajkowski of Three Seas Literary Agency.Looking for strong non-fiction in parenting, finance, business, women's issues. Women's fiction. Query: Keep it short and concise. Don't tell me it's going to be the next NYT best-seller and we'll all get rich. Treat it like the cover letter for your resume on a job search. No short-speak (RU lkng 4...)
Sammie Justesen Northern Lights Literary Services. Mostly non-fiction. Wide variety. Business, Health. Looking for good fiction: mysteries, romance, Christian. No SciFi, Fantasy, Erotica. No screenplays. Read The First Five Pages by Noel Gutman. Be professional in your query. Most queries by e-mail. Easier to make spelling and gramatical errors. Send to yourself first and read it as if you were her. Keep query short. Can be followed by writing sample. Tell me about your platform and marketing plan. No personal details unlesst they are relevant to the book.
Judy Mikalonis Andrea Hurst Literary Management. Have several Seattle authors. Looking for essential transformative stories. Pretty much into Christian market. look at website at www.andreahurst.com. Looking for a book that changes people's lives. Redemptive and intelligent. Looks at the whole author package, not just the book. You need to understand it is a business and be ready to work in this business. Look for authors who are easy to work with. As an author you should be looking for an agent who will be your midwife and go through the birth experience for your novel with you. Personally reps Christian fiction and non-fiction. Know who you are pitching to and what you are pitching.
Jeff Moores Dunow, Carlson, & Lerner. Some Soft sci fi. Mainstream literary fiction. Not most genre fiction. Unique voice. Don't put multiple agents on the To: line in your e-mail. We know each other. Would rather see a five page writing sample than a synopsis. No "Imagine you are in 1895." Just tell me what it is.
Rebecca Oliver Endeavor Talent Agency. Interested in non-fiction. Memoir. Practical non-fiction if you have a good platform. Fiction: So subjective. I know what I like when I read it. Just not the best genre fiction. Took on three authors in fiction and sold them. The mid-list is disappearing. Get an agent who really loves your book. That's the only novel I will take on. (I'm supposed to pitch to her tomorrow morning, but I think I will cancel that appointment. It just isn't the right match.)
Barbary Poelle Irene Goodman Literary Agency. Thrillers, thrillers, thrillers, mysteries, historical fiction & romance, and thrillers. I just want the query letter to be so good I go crazy. Be the one that makes us want to get into a monkey knife-fight to represent you. (She would have been a better pitch for Gutenberg's Other Book.) Make sure you know the word count for your genre.
Rita Rosenkranz Rita Rosenkranz Literary Agency. Almost exclusively non-fiction. In a query letter, I look for clarity. Don't make me have to figure it out.
Eva Talmadge junior agent with the Emma Sweeney Agency. Literary fiction and narrative nonfiction. Completed an MFA in Fiction at CUNY while agenting the past two years. Now wants to expand her list. They really want literary work that also tells a story. Not opposed to thriller, mystery, crime, but looking for the intersection of the genre with literary fiction. Some male voices. Looking for research driven fiction. (This could bode well for Gutenberg.) There may be a bias against older writers in fiction. There is no reason to mention your age. Too much personal information.
Joe Veltre Artists Literary Group. All kinds of books. Look at the website. Commercial, most genres, young adult, narrative non-fiction, journalistic, etc. Drawn to unique voices and story-lines.
Alice Volpe Northwest Literary Agency. Accept anything that sells. Commercial. Query letters that start "imagine you've..." just drives me nuts. The worst is that when you print out a paragraph letter actuall is the whole novel. Don't want people to query me for work that is not in final/final/final form. (Could spell a bad time for GOB.) I don't want to have to wait for the author to finish it. In query, please tell us what is attached. xxx.zip is not a good attachment. Inform what all attachments are. RE: The bias against older writers. Probably spilling out from Hollywood. (I'm pitching to her tonight and it sounds like I'd better stick with The Props Master.)
Jaimie Weiss Chilton Andrea Brown Agency. Follow the guidelines. Wants children's books exclusively: teen novels, middle grade fiction, chapter books, picture books, and narrative nonfiction.