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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

I know I'm a lousy friend, but...

I've been sooooooo busy! I got back from Amsterdam Sunday night. My luggage got home Tuesday morning. I have had non-stop meetings and tasks to get done ever since I landed, most of which actually relate to my work!

Nonetheless, dear friends, I present you with my current conundrum. NaNoWriMo. I am a hopeless addict, but simply have had no time to plan anything this year. And I'm not likely to have any time between now and November 1. So I pretty much decided to blow off the event this year, and maybe start a new Deb Riley novel that I knew I had no hope of finishing, or maybe just support people who are writing and not do anything even pretending to be serious. Then I got some great reviews of the excerpt for Stn. George & The Dragon at http://www.longtalepress.com and a really lively discussion exchange about the book at http://www.longtalepress.com/forum/3/discussion/18/page/1. Cloister exposed the fact that I hardly planned anything at all last year when I wrote Stn. George. And that got me thinking.

It was really fun. It was short (as far as what I usually write goes). I sat down for each chapter as though I was just telling a new story with pretty much nothing but a title (which sometimes changed by the time I'd written the story). So why not do a sequel to Stn. George?

Well, there are about a thousand reasons I could give, but humor me for a moment. What would I call a sequel to this series of folktales? What would be the motivation for Steven to keep traveling exchanging "Once Upon a Times" with the people he meets? And most of all, what would I replace the implausible hat with that would link everything together?

If you, my dear friends and fellow writers, could just supply me with good answers to those few questions, I'd toss my hat into the ring for my fifth NaNo and join the insanity in November. As long as I don't have to plan anything in advance.

1. Title: Steven George and ....
2. Nature of the quest: ....
3. Artifact that Steven makes up stories about along the way: ....

Just fill in the blanks. Come on. I know you want to.


Yes. And we shall be friends on NaNo. Same alias? I sent you a note via email.
Well, I'm lacking a title idea, and a quest. However, I'm sure that Steven has walked far enough that his walking stick would never be far from hand...
Why use Steven? Why not co-opt another old story into the same structure, and play with it as a form rather than reusing a specific character?

I can't say I have any particular ideas at the moment, but a "sequel" doesn't necessarily need to use the same character(s).