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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

Great lines I can't use

Ever so often I come up with the perfect line for a story that I'm not writing. So here are a couple that I offer free of charge. If you can use them help yourself.

Scene: She is escaping from the date from hell.
She: Goodnight, I have to go now.
He: Hey wait! When will I see you again.
She: I don't know if I'll see you again. But for safety's sake, if I do, you should be wearing body armor.

Scene: Terrible breakup of a relationship. Partner 1 is leaving partner 2 and it is not going down well. Partner 2 rails at partner 1 for the insensitive, heartless, SOB that he/she is. His/her parentage, place in the universe and proposed final resting place. Partner 1 responds: Darling, for that to hurt me, you'd have to mean something to me.

Scene: Another tiff (what's with this run today?)
"I could have taken you being heartless. I didn't ask for an emotional commitment. I just didn't think you were so stupid!"

There, purging is done. Help yourself!


WOAH. :)

Can I steal the second line? It's perfect for Bianca to hurl at Declan in Tryst.
By the time it comes out of Bianca's mouth, I'm sure it will much refined and all your own. Have at it!
Awww. I'm excited for this novel, but I need to plot out some more. It needs more meat. :P
That second one is just awesome!!!
Thank you. Actually inspired by a scene from Desperate Housewives that they showed on the Emmies.
It reminds me of a favorite song. I guess it's something in the creative air these days.