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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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Getting into the swing of things today.

Well, it was a vacation day, so I only went to two meetings at the office and a MSNANO lunch. But first...

My manager sent me an odd note last night asking if I was off today or if I would be at the all-hands meeting for our department this morning. I said both. So, right at the top of the meeting they recognize new employees, a five year anniversary, and then she says that her managers contacted her about presenting a special recognition award this morning. Funny, I'm usually on those threads, even though I'm not a manager, I still report as their peer. Luke gets up and says that they want to recognize me for the work I did on the Giving Campaign with an On-the-spot award. I was a little (let's make that a lot) surprised. It's a very simple but sweet card with congratualatory remarks from all my peers and a $75 gift card.

Now this comes at a time when for the past week I've been vascilating between jubilation over the success of the Giving Campaign and near panic about the condition of my job. There's four levels of new management over me, and it is clear that they do not have the same values on planning, research, and documenting strategy that the former administration had. They really aren't interested in having "deep thinkers" on their staff. They just want to shove a product out the door. So I'm searching all over hell and back for possible new positions at a time when the company is in a hiring "pause" (not a freeze). Anyway, it was really great to have my peers recognize the performance on driving the campaign.

Now about NaNoWriMo. What with the pressure to keep up with the work and look for new work, it's been pretty hard to focus on writing. By Sunday night I had 4,616 words or so, but I only managed 800 on Monday and then nothing at all on Tuesday and Wednesday. And even I wasn't happy with the last "Once Upon a Time" I posted as part of the story. Last night I got started with another 800 words, but I was still three days behind.

Then I went to a MSNANO whine & dine this noon and realized that I got there an hour early so I could write, but forgot to bring my file with me. So I disobeyed the first tenet of NaNoWriMo and went back to the story I wasn't happy with. With a little judicious editing to make a smoother flow and an additional 500 words, I ended up with something that was much more in keeping with the stuff I did last year in quality.

I came home, posted the rewritten chapter and the finished writing the chapter I started Thursday night. It is a fun chapter, even though there is no Once Upon a Time. In this book, there may be more narrative holding the pieces together than there was in the previous book. I even got in the first of my "10 ducks" that nanomandrina mandated for all the hydrophobicducks in Seattle. What surprised me is that I'm now at 8,558 words (only two days behind now) but I'm nowhere near where I thought I would be in my post on my first 8,000 words, which is all I had planned before I got started this year. I still have another thousand to go before I'm ready to start the next Once Upon A Time. So, I have five chapters posted now at Stn. George & The Terror and am craving your comments. (What? You are writing a book? Wow! Who knew?)

Might go to a write-in tonight, or see if we can drag our old butts to a young bar and see the newest sensation to hit the rock scene, Eric Hutchinson at The High Dive in Seattle. Dang, I wish these things didn't start at 10:30 at night!