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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

Quick Post from Minot, ND

I've got limited connectivity while on the train, now headed west from Minneapolis to Seattle. So this will be brief.

Posted the latest Going Mobile newsletter at http://goingmobile.spaces.live.com. Good traffic already. Short because I'm on vacation, but my own biting commentary.

Posted several chapters of Stn. George & The Terror. I have been writing, and though I'm several thousand words behind, I have hopes of making Chris's 30,000 words by Wednesday night goal. I'm currently at 22,625. But what else am I going to do while riding all the way across Montana? I managed 8,000 on the way out, so if I can keep the stories flowing, I'll pump out the words today.

Had a passably good time with the inlaws in Minneapolis, but everytime I sat down to write something, there was an interruption. Made about a thousand words from Sunday a.m. to last night. Did record FIL reminiscing about his time in Italy and Algiers in WWII. That is worth while. There aren't that many vets around anymore, and the stories were truly amazing. He was on secret assignments, and his naval records are still sealed.

Finally, recorded an interview with Diane Bock of WriMo Radio on Monday morning. She says it will air tonight. I'm sure she'll cut a few minutes from it before it hits the Web site, but hopefully it will show a good picture of NaNoWriMo at Microsoft and in Seattle.

Well, they will pull out of Minot shortly, so I'll post and get back to writing words that count toward NaNo!


good luck hitting 30K
Just hit 26,798 and am about to leave Havre MT. Brief stop and brief connection. Now it is time for the wine tasting, but I think I'm still good for another three thousand this afternoon/evening!

Thnx for the encouragement!
I am hoping you hit it last night!
Not quite last night, but I hit 31,153 this morning. I may get another thousand in before we get to Seattle at 10:30. Right now I'm busy posting the story at http://stnterror.blogspot.com.