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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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It is finished.

I managed to continue on today with another 3,000 words and actually finish the story before the end of the competition. Total: 53,288. I'm very pleased, though I think I only got 8 ducks instead of 10. Dang.

Here is the final few lines of the story. Prince Valentine, who often talks to himself has just heard the report that Steven has disappeared and left his sheepskin vest.

Prince Valentine looked into the night sky and smiled. Then he tugged slightly on the sheepskin vest.

“The shepherd walks among you,” mused the prince.

“What was that, Your Highness?” asked the sergeant.

“Was I talking to you?” asked the prince.

“I ah… As you wish sire,” said the sergeant.

“Carry on,” responded the prince as he walked away.


And thus endeth the reading. It is all posted, of course, as have all five of my NaNovels been, at Stn. George & The Terror. This one was pretty hard to do because, a) I was unable to attend many write-ins, b) I was unable to write during the working day pretty much at all, and c) I didn't have the foggiest idea of what it was all going to work out to be until each time I sat down to write. I really prefer it when I get them all planned out in advance!

This one has more serious editing to be done than last year's did. There are one or two real stinkers in the Once Upon a Times, but there are also a few truly brilliant fairy tale/ghost stories. So now that the competition is over, hope you will swing by and read and comment on this one before I start editing.


YAY!!! I'm going to read some of it at lunch!
For my money, the grain of salt one can go on the stinker list. It's much too straightfoward a retelling of Stone Soup. Which would be fine if everybody and their dog hadn't already seen ten variations on Stone Soup. At least making it salt soup instead is a new twist. :)