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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

The show (snow) must go on

I left Minnesota on October 19, 1991 to drive to our new home in Seattle. I laughed when it snowed in Minneapolis the next day and the snow was on the ground until May. I boldly said, "I swear, I will never shovel snow again." They were not my last words, nor were they famous, but I certainly had to eat them today. Shoveled for about an hour and a half in half hour increments. Didn't quite get the drive completely cleared, but with chains on the car I managed to get out of the drive this evening and get my daughter to Kirkland for her 5:30 call and 7:00 show of "'Twas the Night" at Studio East. I hope there is an audience! I'm considering going back to the theatre and getting a ticket, just for someplace warm to camp out.

In the meantime, I'm sitting at Hector's in Kirkland having a delicious Jambalaya for dinner. And... realizing that I am officially now on vacation. Haven't been to the office the past two days, and haven't accomplished much in the way of work, but now it's really vacation.

We're still planning on 12-15 guests for Solstice Dinner tomorrow night, but the forecast is high winds and snow tomorrow night with gusts up to 80mph and up to a foot of snow. That will be interesting, especially since I'm supposed to lead the solstice service at Northlake Sunday morning with the new minister. Well, she is coming to the dinner tomorrow night, so we could all be snowed in together.

I finished all the prep work that I could for the Timpano I'm cooking tomorrow. It needs to go into the oven about 4:15. I've made the Ragu, Sauteed the sausages, boiled and peeled the eggs, cubed the provolone, sliced the Genoa Salami, and grated the Parmesan and Romano cheeses. All I have to do tomorrow is make the crust, boil the pasta, sliced the eggs and assemble the whole thing and bake it. It seems strange not to have to start cooking until mid-afternoon on Solstice. It always seems that I spend the whole day cooking. (Last year the Cassoulet was fantastic!)

I will post my Solstice story at Ritual Reality later this evening. EDIT: I've posted this now. /EDIT I'm telling it for the children's story Sunday morning as well as for the dinner Saturday night. It's called "The Pinpoint of Light." Usually I tell some variation of the Persephone myth, but this year I'm actually using a "Once Upon a Time" from Stn.George & The Terror that I wrote during this year's Nano.

Getting a lot of mileage out of Stn. George, as I sold naming rights for a character in the charity auction in October. I'm rewriting the story called "One Disenchanted Evening" so that the fair maiden is named Sydney Lynnette, and is very tall and thin. I want to lay it out this weekend and produce a PDF so the winning bidder can give it to his daughter for Christmas. (The daughter is Sydney.) I still need to write my annual Once Upon a Time for my wife. That may be my entire Monday and Tuesday.

I intend to record Stn. George & The Dragon as an audio book over the holiday break. I think that will involve one more rewrite. Then I'm planning to do the same for For Blood or Money. I want some audio books in the bookstore. When we release This Side of Normal next month, it will be in the new Digital Editions version of Acrobat PDF. It makes absolutely incredible reading and will really show off the ebook. Of course, "Normal" will be released as a print book as well when it comes out in January. I'm thinking of ways to involve several voices in the recording of "Stn. George" as it is a charity project for me and I want to make it really appeal to people who will support the charity. I'm also looking for ways to get some synergy going on it.

Speaking of new books, I see there are a couple of new excerpts posted at Long Tale Press and I want to get my reviews of them completed. I'm going to post more about how to review books and earn points at LTP later. But for now, I guess I've used enough space for one post. See what you've been missing while I've been too job-stressed to post? Now you're in for it!