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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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Getting started

Well, I finally thought of how to plant the element of urgency in my book that I needed to make it a thriller. I'm still questioning how well I'll do making a thriller that is primarily set in libraries, but maybe kikiduck will give me pointers on that. The book will open with the front of the library being blown off just as my MC is leaving. He's knocked unconscious outside the library. And we're off on the adventure.

So, having made about 22 pages of notes on the subject, I'm going to tackle a draft of a first chapter and see what happens. Might get it written tonight!


Hey! It's so good to hear from you =) Glad to see you are still writing although I knew you would be. It finally hit me (like, really hard) that I've spent several years dreaming of being a writer but not writing enough. My lovely husband and I are going to work on a book together plus I even got a story idea in church today! Ha! I'm going to take some writing courses just for fun and get the creativity going again. Wish me luck!
Good luck! Glad to hear you are getting Jamie involved as well. Now if you could just get Maizie's paws in the pie it would be a whole family affair!
Alas- that is my grand scheme!
I'd like to recommend Jason Shiga's Bookhunter as an example of a thriller set in a library. It's a comic rather than a novel, so obviously some of the narrative elements are very different, but there are definitely places to go there.
Thanks. I've bookmarked this and will spend more time with it. (Read the first chapter, very funny.) Could have some interesting ideas to follow up on. Right now, working on the Alchemy idea.