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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

Tweets for Today

  • 06:32 I'm optimistic about the future and hopeful that my interview goes well today. What's the hashtag for the inauguration? #
  • 06:36 @cherihegi Planning to go directly from watching #inaug09 on the big screen to a job interview. Optimism abounds! #
  • 07:43 @guykawasaki Microsoft has big screens set up in the conference center where I'll watch. #
  • 08:25 Watching the #inaug09 with about 500 Microsofties in the conference center. Very cool. #
  • 08:27 Turning point in my life? First president to take office who is younger than I am. #inaug09 #
  • 08:37 Watching #inaug09 I saw over 400 tweets come in in a minute! #
  • 08:41 "Calmness helper?" You think the president is drugged? MSNBC???? #inaug09 #
  • 08:44 MS Conference Center exploded with almost as much applause as the Mall! #inaug09 #
  • 08:52 Warren: I'm not convinced. The sermon can end now. #inaug09 #
  • 08:54 Aretha! Now that's an invocation! #inaug09 #
  • 08:58 We hear the sound on MSNBC a second behind the picture. #inaug09 #
  • 08:59 Okay, you can unplug Cheney now. #inaug09 #
  • 09:07 Chief Justice got the order of the words wrong and it confused Obama who had the right words memorized. #inaug09 #
  • 09:12 As of noon EST, the clock started going forward again. #inaug09 #
  • 09:21 Judged by what you create, not what you destroy. #inaug09 #
  • 09:27 Second standing ovation at MS Conference Center. #inaug09 We were there even though we were not at the Capitol. #
  • 09:38 Benediction was much better than invocation! #inaug09 #
  • 09:41 @scottsigler At least the President included non-believers! #
  • 12:47 Well, for this interview I needed to be more of a hardcore gamer. Good conversation and referrals to other product planners, tho! #
  • 14:41 Preparing an upcoming talk called "Friend Me." Focuses on whether social networks isolate you or connect you. Who are your friends? #
  • 14:42 @OfficeMonkey Probably, but I didn't ask. They are facing the same tightening that everyone is. People tend to go there and never leave. #
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