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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

I may not go to heaven, but I can see the gates from here

This is a necessarily short post due to the constraints that I've had in getting Internet access. I'm currently sitting in a parking lot in Todi connected by way of my phone.

I've not posted as frequently as I'd like because of the connections, and because... let's face it: I'm on vacation! That, unfortunately, will be coming to an end on Sunday. We will leave our little stone house on Saturday morning and drive over to the (west) coast on Saturday and follow the coastline up to Genoa, then turn north to Milan. Our flight is at 6:30 Sunday morning!

This week, we explored the region, finding antiques and incredible little villages, then went to Rome on Tuesday. I've not posted photos of Rome yet, due to the slowness of getting them uploaded, but I took several hundred. The Sistine Chapel is something you have to see in order to understand the scale and grandeur, but crammed into it with 5,000 of your closest friends, you cannot genuinely appreciate it. We found many other, less touristy, churches and monuments that left us awestruck as the Sistine should if you were there alone.

Wednesday was a lie by the pool and recover day. Today, we have returned to our local town of Todi to explore, gift shop, and savor one more time. The kids will leave with R tomorrow so they can go to a Formula 1 race in Milan. M&L and I will drive up more liesurely on Saturday.

I've posted about ten photo albumes at http://www.nwesignatures.com/photo_gallery/, and will post the rest on Monday.