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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

The hurrieder I go the behinder I get!

That's an old Amish saying from back when I lived in Indiana, but it seems it was never so true as these days. In the midst of trying to find some income producing activity (a job?) I'm also being kept insanely busy getting my new business venture up and operating. Oh, and let's not forget Long Tale Press, which keeps getting new manuscript excerpts on a regular basis and has way too few readers participating. *hint, hint*

First, my pitch got refined down to the nth degree before I met with Agent F and I was pretty confident when I delivered it. After the first sentence he said, "Really?" After the third, he said, "Tell me more." Finally he said, "How does it end?" and then "Send me the synopsis." Now I have to a) create a synopsis, and b) write the book! Creative writing time has been very limited lately, but I've learned one very important thing: Before I send the synopsis, I'll have Jason at Plot to Punctuation go over it and give me feedback. I watched him work last weekend as a Book Doctor and gained yet another level of appreciation for his skills. His best quote of the weekend was "I wish I'd read your book before you wrote it." Think about it!

Few people know that just months before the Gutenberg Bible was finished, Gutenberg's financial partner sued him for diverting funds to a "secret project" that Gutenberg refused to share. The courts awarded the entire Bible printing operation to Johan Fust, leaving Gutenberg with nothing but the secret in his head.

When print historians Henry Drucker and Madeline Zane become the nexus of a centuries-old power struggle, they find their lives - and indeed the history of the world - depend on whether they will recover and preserve or destroy forever the secrets concealed in Gutenberg's Other Book.

More: Gutenberg's Other Book casts two librarians as unlikely heroes when they are caught between the descendants of Ptolemy I's elite guard of the Library of Alexandria and those who will stop at nothing to see that the Library's first volume never comes to light.

So, I'm keeping blog posts going on my life with hair at The Bald-Faced Truth that chronicles how I lost my hair and whether this hair encouragement treatment I'm doing at my wife's request works. My most recent post was titled "It has been 60 days since I last wore a tie." I have to admit, this is one of the most entertaining journals I've ever created.

Blogging is part of the action at Remembers When. I'm fielding calls and email from people who are interested in beta testing the memoir site and I've got great hopes for it. There are still a few refinements to be made, but check out Marshall Sigford, a life in photography. It's one of the sample sites I've put up and I'm pretty pleased with the way it is turning out. I've also started promoting the site as a place where people with diseases that tend to destroy memory, like Parkinsons and Alzheimers, can post their memories so that they are preserved. I'd like to get more people involved, so if you have personal or family stories, or know someone who would like to write their memoirs, please check out Remembers When and sign up for the beta program.

Amidst the actual work of getting substance, there is also all the behind-the-scenes work of starting a business. Got my LLC registered last week and got notice that my business license is being issued this week. Setting up accounting, bank accounts, and most importantly, my storefront so I can actually take money from people. Now that would be a great trick!