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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

Too young to write your memoirs

Benvenuto Cellini said in his autobiography that "All men of whatsoever quality they be, who have done anything of excellence, or which may properly resemble excellence, ought, if they are persons of truth and honesty, to describe their life with their own hand; but they ought not to attempt so fine an enterprise till they have passed the age of forty."

Well, that may be, and even though I am a little older than Cellini was when he began his celebrated autobiography, I'm not even sure I should write my autobiography. It seems that all the things of excellence I've done have fallen just short of the bar. Maybe that should be the theme. But, that doesn't stop us from wanting to be remembered. At Remembers When I've just opened up a new section called Remember Me - Six words to remember me by. A couple of years ago, the online magazine Smith started a flood of email and has sparked three books based on people's "Six-word memoirs." I thought it would be fun to add a similar feature to our memoir site.

So, think about how you'd like to be remembered. Hone the words down to those six that express you best, and write them down at Remember Me. While you are there, explore some of the other memoir features that are coming on-line. Especially, read a few of the hilarious bits at Mitch Levy Remembers When. The guy has either had an incredible life or is just a great story-teller. Either way, it's worth a read!