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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

Girls Girls Girls! All girls, all the time!

Suddenly I'm outnumbered. Really. It seems like just a few months ago my wife wrote "I have four male pets." We only had three animals. Then one after another, the altered males left this world for a new and better one. Valsora was the last to go in July. I was pretty sure I'd never have another pet. It was just too much.

But somehow I softened (in the head) and started saying, well, we could get another greyhound. So a week ago we went out to the rescue shelter where three young females had arrived just last Monday. We fell in love three times over, but one of the girls didn't really want anything to do with us. That left two. The DW and her BF went with me back to the shelter on Saturday while the DW was off on a trip. Which should we take, the black one or the fawn? I can't even blame painkillers this time. I said "Both."

So today we went out an picked up these two little beauties.

We've named them Bliss (the fawn) and Lucy (the black). So now the household is four females to one male. And they all love me!

At the Greyhound Pets, Inc. kennel in Woodinville where we picked the girls up.

Bliss got the idea of how to ride in a car right away. You can see everything this way.

Lucy had a little more trouble adapting, but she's only 18 months old. Bliss turned two yesterday.

We made a ritual stop at Jitters on the way home for their first experience of the "prettygirlcookiepalace."

The girls were head over heels happy to see the DD when she got home from school. The whole family spent the afternoon in the family room.

I took each girl out for a walk and they experienced what it was like to be in the wild with a leash. So many new experiences. I've decided to create a blog especially for the girls so I won't constantly be monopolizing my Facebook and LiveJournal with pictures and stories of dogs. I'll post the url when it is open and we'll see what comes of it then.


Awwwwwww...! :-)

didjiman on my f-list similarly lives in a house full of females (though one just flew off to college). They did rescue an abandoned male dog, but he found a new forever home.

I'm so glad that you're happy, Nathan, you completely deserve it. Make sure those girls treat you right!
They are beautiful. I always look through a website dedicated to them here on my end. I want one REALLY bad, but will have to wait till I return from NY. Enjoy these babies.