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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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I barely dragged my butt across the finish line

If you still follow me at all, because I've been such a lousy friend on LJ, you might be aware that I barely managed to finish NaNoWriMo this year. I made 50,372 words at about 4:00 this afternoon. I haven't been this late since my first NaNo in 2004. The book isn't quite finished. I have another chapter to write to tie up the loose ends, then about 20,000 words that I wrote in a previous version that I want to rewrite for this version. But the story works, in spite of those occasional places where I was simply writing through in order to get anything written at all. Gutenberg's Other Book is now a reality.

I wasn't sure I was even going to participate this year. I started writing GOB last January and at 42,000 words in August I was discouraged and thought it was mostly trash. I sent it to cloister27 and asked him to comment. I also had my wife read the work. She brooks no crap when she wants to read a story. The combined results of the two gave me hope and misery. It was a good story and had some cool things in it. But it was really scattered and unfocused. I decided to throw the entire thing out and start writing over again. I felt I could do it during NaNoWriMo because it wasn't an edit. I was literally starting from scratch. I won't say that nothing from the earlier draft made its way into this one, but this is a completely different book than the one I abandoned in August.

You may know that I've been unemployed since March this year and have been struggling to find a new job. In the meantime, I've been expanding my publishing empire by adding two self-publishing sites. http://rememberswhen.com is a place for your memoirs. http://wroteabook.com is a place for your fiction. They are both pretty cool and worth a look. Tell me you are a LJ friend when you register and I'll set up a site for you at half off! I also got a contract the week before NaNo started and have been working full time designing eBooks -- a contract that will end by the end of the year. But it has been challenging, and time-consuming at a time that I wanted to focus on writing.

The short of it is that I'm sorry I haven't been a better LJ friend, I haven't read your posts regularly, commented on anything, or posted much other than my Tweets. I'd like to spend more time here, which is where I started with on-line journaling and made some incredible acquaintances in the writing world. I'll do better next month, I promise.

I hope you have all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday, NaNo if you wrote, and that you are safe, warm, and fed this holiday season.


Congrats on NaNo! I love hearing that my LJ friends outside the nanowrimo LJ community have crossed the finish line. I won Saturday, and my sweetie won yesterday. He was behind the whole month, so we were both amazed that he finished early.
Thank you and congratulations to you as well! I just managed to finish the draft tonight as well as the wordcount on Monday, so I'm pretty pleased. Congrats to your sweetie as well. The family that writes together....
Hello, my friend. I am thrilled to find that you did finish! Congratulations. I know you've been busy. We understand. I hope a new job comes along soon for you.
You are one of those I have missed and think of often. Hope your home is filled with health and that the holiday season is bright for you.

Something always comes along eventually. I'll just have to work on getting my Web businesses up and profitable!
You know, that makes me feel very good. Thank you. Thank you for the warm wishes. I hope the same for you and your family. I also wish you the best in your business and job hunt.
We understand that you have a hectic schedule. Pressure is a part of our daily living. Congratulations on NaNo! It's pretty amazing how you manage your resources. Your talent and hard work will get you through day by day. Hoping for the best.

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Thanks for your good wishes. We should chat about the publishing business sometime soon. There may be some places we could connect.
Sure. I'll forward to that time. I have a Wordpress account. It's www.writersdepot.wordpress.com. You can also connect with me through my Facebook account. Just search for Don Harold. Here's a link to my profile: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?ref=profile&id=100000170118654. Nice meeting you here!

Get more interesting tips and articles from Bookwhirl.com Facebook Fan Page, and learn more about the dynamics of marketing self-published books, Author Marketing Services, and Book Marketing Services.
Take care of yourself first. We understand that you have other obligations.

So glad you won NaNo and hope that you think it's better now. I'm anxious to read it since I find the concept awesome. If you decide to share at any point, I'd love to read it (or will be purchasing it if you decide to publish)!

Much love and luck to you and your family for the holiday season and the new year!!
At least I get to keep up with you on Twitter a little. But frankly, tweets just don't give you the big picture. Did you get back to school? Finish your book? Move to a different state? Just feel like I've been so out of touch lately.

Thank you for all your good wishes. Hope your folks are still having a great life on the boat and that you have a wonderful and happy holiday season.


Yay! You won! I was glad to see your bar all filled in, it totally made me smile. And I'm going to endeavor to be on LJ more this month as well. It's so sad when the whole page is filled with Tweet posts. *cringe* Kinda feel like a bad LJer.

Congrats too on the contract & here's hoping another comes through to kick off the new year. Is that really less than 30 days off now? Oy. ;)

Re: Congrats!

If bad LJer means the only thing I ever post is Tweets, then I even dropped below that when LoudTwitter ceased operation. TOok me about two months before I figured out I wasn't even posting that! I am glad I hear from you on Twitter, but I miss the longer chats and information on LJ. I'm really trying to get better at posting.

I finished the main storyline tonight and the book came in at about 53500 words. I have another 20-25,000 to add in pseudo-historical backstory, but part of that is already written and the main storyline stands alone so I'm not too worried. I want the manuscript polished enough to submit to competition by end of January. Since this was a second attempt at this story it came out far better than my first try earlier in the year. I was surprised at how different it was.

Hope you and yours have a great and happy holiday season. I'll be watching to see if something longer than a tweet shows up on LJ!