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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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I finished

Yes, I know it's the 2nd of December, but Gutenberg's Other Book was about 3,000 words from the end when I crossed the 50k mark on Monday, so I've been tacking a word on here and there until at 53,494 words, I have an ending. Not sure it's a satisfying ending, but I'm not going to write an epilogue.

I do have about 20-25,000 words of pseudo-historical backstory to add in scattered throughout the book, but I'm happy that there is a storyline that stands alone without being explained. The backstory-line will just make it richer. I'm excited to start thinking about prepping it for contest entry in February. I didn't have anything to send in last year.

In other news, my http://wroteabook.com site has gotten flakey on me right when I needed it to be stable. I've got subsites to open for people and got an "upgrade" of my host software that is preventing me from installing multiple instances of the blog software on the same database. If I have to create a new database for every new user, that is going to become quite a drag. I keep thinking it might be something that is happening in the domain instead of in the software, but can't track it down. And I really didn't have time for that.

I accomplished a great deal on my contract. Working on defining behaviors for ePub elements in xhtml and css. If that sounds strange, suffice it to say that I'm making pretty eBooks. And I love it. Would like to work with this team permanently if there was a way to work it out. This contract will end by end of year. Dang!

Well, here's till next time.