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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

Back from Reno

Just what I needed to recharge my batteries. Three nights in Reno to play. Got in late Tuesday night and after I got my car drove over to Atlantis. It has sure changed since the last time I stayed there. Must have been eight or ten years. Rooms have been re-done and mine was not luxurious, but very comfortable. Could have used a king-bed instead of two queens, but I'm not really big enough to complain about that. I only used half the queen as it was! Didn't do any playing since it had been a long day, but headed straight for bed.

Found out the next morning when I registered for the players club that they stillhad my card on file, so went for breakfast in the Purple Parrot. That was a mistake. A vegetable omlet with fruit and a cup of coffee set me back $12. Plus my ritual loss of $4.50 at Keno while I ate set the stage for some expensive eating at the Atlantis. However, I discovered that they were running the typical mid-week $3.00 blackjack games with single pack and fairly liberal rules (double any first two cards). Pulled out a $20 bill and walked away from the table with $50. THen I headed out to see the countryside.

Instead of going up to Tahoe like usual, I decided to take a long easy drive southeast through
Virginia City. This place is almost turning into an artist's village in its new incarnation. It is the biggest historic monument in the US as the whole town is a registered landmark. It's still got a bunch of tourist traps that are worth visiting once, but not if you've been there before. The mining museum, Mark Twain museum, gambling museum, etc. Great to go in and read the story of the Suicide Table and such. But it's really the antique shops and artists' shops that you want to go into these days--especially the jewelry and silver-smithing. Also some fun clothes and one of the best western hat shops that you'll ever find. Finally, if you are headed out that direction and are not a vegetarian, visit the barbecue and beef jerky shop on the south end of Main Street. I'm munching some of their jerky even as we speak. Good stuff.

I went on into Carson City and played for a while at the Carson Nugget casino. Once again, a friendly little casino with liberal blackjack rules and a $2 game mid-week. Played for a couple hours on the same $20, then had lunch and discovered that at 55, I'm a senior at most casinos and qualify for senior discounts on my meals. Hey, every 10% helps.

Drove back up past Washoe Lake and into Reno, then went to Louis' Basque Corner for dinnr. Now here is something you don't want to miss. This is the best Basque food in Reno (maybe anywhere) served family style at long tables. You never know who you'll be seated with. There were a couple locals at my table, and another couple from Tacoma. We had great conversation along with some great food. Started with split pea soup, then a huge salad, braised tongue with peppers and onions, and beans with sausage. Then I had a delicious grilled shrimp dish with mushrooms and a cream sauce that I scraped off my food because of the amount of fat, but enjoyed the flavor of just the same. Topped the dinner off with hard cheese and a small glass of wine. $28. When compared to some of the prices you find in Reno, this is a real bargain. I strolled downtown and played for a while at the Cal-Neva, a venerab le old dive that is one of the few remaining casinos from a former era. Found my way upstairs to the third floor and as I remembered there was a pit with low cost and quiet games. Cashed a $10 bill for silver and won $40 in about half an hour. Friendly dealer and good time. Decided to call it quits for the night and went back to sleep at the Atlantis.

I'll do this in multiple entries so it doesn't get too long on any one. More later.