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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

Back from Reno, Part2

Thursday was another great day. I learned my lesson about eating in the Purple Parrot, so took my business to the buffet. There I got my omlet fresh made (with ham and the offer of cheese, and salsa), fruit, coffee, and –yes, I indulged a little—a piece of strudel that I ate half of, all for $10. Then I went out and discovered that there was a poker tournament every morning. Thursdays it’s 7-card stud. Well, knowing the old codgers that play poker in Reno and Las Vegas who just wait to take the money of neighborhood poker players like myself, I wasn’t about to sit at a regular game, but for a $15 buy-in you play showdown for an hour and the winner gets the buy-in, I figured I could play for a while and if I was really careful, I might last out the first 20-minute round. Turns out I won the damn thing. The last round was no-limit and for the first time in my life I said “all in” and walked away with the pot on a full house that put two other players out of the running. Snatched the next to last hand and the player next to me put the last remaining player out of the running. I walked away with $75. What a hoot!

Decided I needed to get some exercise and headed out for a three-mile walk terminating at the Peppermill. (Helps to have a destination in mind when you head out for a walk!) Peppermill has one of the best players club coupon promotions in Reno. I won a $10 bet at blackjack that was matched by the casino for $20 on one hand, but frittered it all away before I left the casino. Food coupons are great if you are with someone, (most are 2 for 1s) so didn’t do me much good, except the coupon to Oceania was for 50% off sushi. Ah, lunch!

After I got back to Atlantis I showered and took a nap, then drove out to Sparks. It used to be that Sparks was a small town a couple miles east of Reno, but now it’s all grown together. I’ve always liked Silver City out there as a fun place to play and good food bargains, so I made that my first stop for dinner. The $9 steak buffet isn’t the overall greatest food in the area, but it was a pretty good deal. The steak was cooked the way I like and, although fattier than I like, it was a pretty good meal all around. Then I went down and played a little 3-card poker. Took me over an hour to dribble away my $20 with a laughing good time with the other guys at the table and the dealer. Then I headed across the street to John Ascugah’s (sp?) Nugget. That casino has really been updated and was one of the cleanest and brightest that I played in the whole week. I’d been looking to sit in on a little PaiGow poker, but all the games I’d seen were $10 minimum which was beyond my budget. But the Nugget had a $5 game so I decided to sit in a while. For the first time in my life, I hit a perfect hand—an ace-high straight flush. It was a little wheel (Ace-5), second only to a Royal Flush, and paid a whopping $4.75 on my $5 bet. Then I found out about the bonus side bets. Fortune PaiGow allows you to place a side bet on your overall hand that pays independently of whether you win or lose the hand to the dealer. If I’d been playing it, I’d have won 50-1! Well, I started playing it, though I didn’t have a good strategy for it and need to learn more about it before my next outing. Won back what I lost at Silver City and headed back to the Atlantis where I had a cigar and a martini and my longest losing streak of the week at -$65. Well, the alternative was going to bed, and who wants to do that in Reno???

Last day in next post.