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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

From Twitter 05-27-2010

  • 08:33:08: RT @aleksk: [Interview] Cory Doctorow on For The Win and what kids know about their digital rights http://bit.ly/d188uu
  • 08:34:45: RT @NedtheDesigner: @wayzgoose Absolutely agree on design compromise- there are different typographic needs for eBook http://bit.ly/61RnXi
  • 08:44:10: RT @bookbench: Publishing industry to Garrison Keillor: we're not dead yet!! http://bit.ly/9E9iRN
  • 08:48:23: Publishing’s Not Dead: The Industry Responds to Garrison Keillor http://bit.ly/bLZc0H My, my. Aren't the people of Lake Wobegon defensive!
  • 09:56:30: RT @AIM_Center: eBook market exploding says new iPDF survey: http://ow.ly/1Q7SM
  • 10:43:03: Good technical explanation of InDesign to ePub. Makes it sound like Adobe invented the standard, tho. http://bit.ly/90eWuX #ebook #idpf
  • 13:31:24: RT @p2p_editor: @KMWeiland Writing was always my first love, although it took a long time to convince her we were right for each other. :)
  • 17:05:57: Thanks for all your great blog entries this week. My one post on eBook design, I'm afraid was pretty paltry. #armchairbea
  • 17:16:26: As this is a Twarty, I think I need a glass of wine! Disappointed that there wasn't more news from the IDPF section at BEA. #armchairbea
  • 18:12:31: RT @rainydayreading: I will attend that! RT @ettrenas: salinger and meyer discussing the differences between influential YA lit from the ...
  • 18:34:07: RT @emsreadingroom: *thunder claps* LIGHTNING ROUND: If you wrote a novel, what would it be called? #armchairBEA
  • 18:43:11: (I've no idea what I won!) RT @wayzgoose: @emsreadingroom Thank you so much Em! This has been a fun event and great week! #armchairbea
  • 18:49:40: I only blog about the technology and not the books usually, but I love reading the reviews by all the other great bloggers! #armchairbea
  • 18:56:22: The pastitsio is hot and it's time to eat so I must go. Want to review book excerpts not yet published at http://bit.ly/d4xGZy? #armchairbea
  • 18:58:13: RT @the1stdaughter: @emsreadingroom Thank you so much for hosting the #ArmChairBEA Twitter Party! It has been fantastic!

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