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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

From Twitter 06-21-2010

  • 07:43:21: Happy Solstice! I'm a bit ticked to find it so wet and cold this morning that the heat was on! Come on! This is "mid"-summer!
  • 07:53:50: I deal with this issue every day I write! Why stakes work--understanding the basis of stakes in our novels: http://bit.ly/cmrmsu @p2p_editor
  • 13:02:26: CBC News - Arts - E-books: Royalties vs. respect: http://bit.ly/c8FUR4 Good interview with Anansi CEO Sarah MacLachan.
  • 13:08:15: #litchat Small press with 4 titles. Heavy on eBooks, but not exclusively. Community-based decisions. http://bit.ly/d4xGZy.
  • 13:10:54: #litchat Although we consider our small press an Indie Publisher, we don't do exclusively our own books. I do have 1 out, though.
  • 13:16:01: #litchat A lot of books that don't have the market appeal for major publishers are still good stories and deserve to be published.
  • 13:21:43: #litchat I think there will be one or more consortiums of indie authors formed soon to spread the admin/marketing burden out a bit.
  • 13:23:10: #litchat Even with lower cost of eBooks (and slow adoption) there is still a need to get the word out. It only keeps the cost down.
  • 13:34:34: I hope so! RT @robynmcintyre: We may have to retire the term "vanity" publishing - not sure it applies any longer. #litchat
  • 13:39:50: I love book bloggers! RT @robynmcintyre: @BookRambler: Book bloggers work as gate keepers to some extent. I write honest reviews. #litchat
  • 13:59:16: #litchat Will catch up with the rest on the archive. Don't be surprised if I respond or follow you tomorrow! Great discussion. Thnx all!
  • 14:00:06: RT @LitChat: Visit @agnieszkasshoes amazing community of indie authors and learn about Year Zero Writers: http://bit.ly/kjsjB #litchat
  • 14:05:29: RT @KrisLovesBooks: @wayzgoose 'This Side Of Normal' is awesome so far! #litchat
  • 15:27:23: That's the truth! RT @CarolBMTbooks: @wayzgoose I think of "overnight successes" that only took 20 years! LOL!

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