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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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Gutenberg's Other Book

Last night was certainly one of the most thrilling I've had in a long time. First, having the special little ribbon on my PNWA Conference nametag that declared me a finalist meant that my wife, daughter, business partner, and intern could join me at a reserved table at the front of the banquet where we had terrific seats for Chris Humphrey's unbelievably entertaining keynote. Now that I've seen him, I have to read him. I have an advanced copy of "Vlad," and it is going to be high on my reading list.

Then, being part of the group called up as finalists in the Mystery Thriller category and getting the beautiful certificate (that I'm going straight to the frame store to frame) made me grin so hard my face ached. I was proudly examining the certificate back at my table when my wife and daughter nearly collapsed on me because Sandy called my name as the second prize winner! What a knockout! They actually gave me a check for $300! And an invitation to a private reception for the winners with the agents and editors at the conference! And another glass of wine!

The reception was delightful. Three more agents asked to see my synopsis and querry. One of them was my old friend A.V. A.V. is the agent for a couple of extremely prolific and highly sought-after best-selling authors. Two years ago, she told me she would read anything I sent her, but I didn't have something appropriate. I haven't seen her much in the past year, but we renewed our acquaintance rapidly last night. When I told her I'd like to send "Gutenberg's Other Book" to her, she said, "Oh! You wrote 'Gutenberg's Other Book?' There's already quite a buzz going around about that." Well that was exciting!

Then I spoke to the editor of the small press that asked for the first 20 pages earlier today. He said that he couldn't really ask to see the third and fourth chapter in our meeting, but he'd already read my first two as one of the judges. He asked me to send him the entire manuscript. I like the guy and I think the small press he represents could be a good home for GOB. Who knows?

This morning, I'm still floating in a euphoria, having to get packed and back to the conference by 8:30 for the chapter readings from the winners. First though, I have to go get a good (or at least better) cup of coffee and kick my daughter out of bed so she can get ready while I go. Just. So. Excited!