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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

Sponsor me in NaNoWriMo--Win Great Prizes!

I seem to be in a perpetual fund-raising mode these days, but I really try not to bother my church, boards, or friends to support my causes. I’m making this one-time exception because not only is this near and dear to my heart, but it promises to be a lot of fun for everyone who participates.

November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). This year will be my 7th and 8th time participating (and succeeding) in the event. Why 7 & 8? Because I am writing two novels at the same time! Each year, the sponsors of NaNoWriMo raise money for the Young Writers Program.

“The Young Writers Program has a profound effect on participants,” says Chris Angotti, NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program Director. In 2009, 35,000 students and 1,200 classrooms participated in the program. Teachers worldwide discovered significant improvements in student self-esteem, confidence, and time-management skills. In addition to this overall boost in well-being, the Young Writers Program has long-term benefits for grammar, spelling, and punctuation skills, despite the fact that NaNoWriMo encourages participants to focus primarily on getting the story down on paper.

My 17-year-old daughter has written 4 novels in the Young Writers Program, and I’m a big believer in it. In order to make it more fun for everyone involved, I’m opening the blog where I’ll be writing the second sequel to my novel For Blood or Money to those who donate, so you will have a new chapter to read every day in November!

Here’s how it works: go to http://www.gifttool.com/athon/MyFundraisingPage?ID=1891&AID=935&PID=173904 and click the “Sponsor Me” button. Sign up for any amount in my campaign to raise $1,000 for the Young Writers Program. You can also read my complete personal message on that site.

After you’ve sponsored me, respond to this email and I’ll send you the details of how to become a member of the blog where I’ll be posting the chapters of the new novel Stocks & Bondage during November. Here’s the back cover blurb for that story:

In Stocks & Bondage, computer forensics detective Deb Riley (debriley) is back and in disguise as she investigates the apparent suicide of a 50ish woman who left a roomful of computers as a clue to her death. Working in disguise to trap the suspect, Deb becomes trapped in her new identity, unwilling to risk her friends, her business, and her life as the suspect relentlessly pursues her. And at each step of the way, the dead woman's computers reveal a little more of the story.

There are other special prizes described on my donor page, including the Wallet Quick Draw and a cover design for your personal novel (whether you’ve written it or not!). The first one who donates will receive a custom printed and bound copy of your choice of the TWO NOVELS* that I’ll be writing in November. You’ll also all get your names listed in the sponsor portion of the Stocks & Bondage Web site. I’m looking forward seeing who gets that!

Thanks for all your support! Good reading.

*Second book I’ll be doing will not be blogged, but here is the blurb:

The Volunteer: Wandering through the streets of America's cities and towns looking for a handout, a meal, or a bottle, G2 has lots of time to think about what led him to chronic homelessness and alcoholism. In another, less politically correct age, he would have been called a hobo. He was so certain he would rise above it thirty years ago and thinks often of the life he left behind. When it is all offered back to him, however, he realizes the true reason he volunteered.