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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

Time with the Darling Daughter

Although New Year's Eve was notably lonely, with the DW off in Minneapolis visiting her mother, cousin, and friends, I have to say that I'm enjoying time with the DD this holiday. We spent Christmas with her boyfriend's family and went out to a New Year's Day movie (Tron-3D) with them yesterday. One of DD's first comments to me after we got DW on the plane Wednesday was, "I guess we're socially inept writer geeks after all." What, I asked, inspired this observation that I was socially inept? "Well, the house has been so quiet since Mom left." Okay, but as it happened, we hadn't been in the same room with each other all day and were on our way out to eat in the same car when this conversation started, and we were talking all the way through the meal and back home until we each retired to our private spaces again.

Actually, we've been having quite a few great conversations. At the moment she has multiple upsets in her life. These have to do with having to wait through both Saturday and Sunday for mail delivery on Monday (because of the holiday), and with her choices of programs of study at the college she has so far been accepted for the the fall. Of course, these are related. There is palpable tension in the air waiting for responses from the other colleges on whether she will be admitted. She's watching for the mail each day and has only heard from one of five so far. I think she'd like to have her future set for the next four years before the end of January, but we who have been through that phase know that there will be plenty of upheaval in those plans before the four years have passed.

One of the reasons she applied to the college at which she's been accepted was for their aeronautical studies program. I think she must have chosen, however, based on the name of the program since she just discovered that you have to be a member of the Air Force ROTC in order to participate in that program. Yes, it is an officer training program. hmmmm.

On the other hand, she commented to me the other day, "I don't know why I'm stressing out about colleges and majors. I'm just going to get a job that will support me during the day while I spend all night writing."

Okay, that sounds more like the "socially inept writer geek" I know and love!