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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

You're really not as bad as I said

A friend made an off-hand comment a couple of months ago that she'd decided to stop calling people names. This is a very mild mannered and kind person, so I was really quite thrown, but she said she had found herself becoming very angry in traffic and calling other drivers names. That comment has festered in my mind for weeks, and yesterday while driving down the street I found myself calling the driver next to me an ass for nothing more than being where I wanted to be.

That driver was driving the speed limit (as I was), in traffic with little room to maneouver (as I was), and doing nothing illegal that I could tell. No cell phone. No pre-occupation with screaming kids. No malevolent intent to my person. Exactly why did they deserve to be called an ass?

I got to thinking about this a lot and it is entirely too common for me to call other drivers names. Or politicians that don't agree with me. Or people I've never met who I read about in the newspaper. Or wait people in restaurants who don't keep my coffee cup filled. Or people ahead of me in line at the supermarket with 10 items in their cart instead of the clearly-marked 9 items of the express lane.

Why do any of those people deserve the names I call them under my breath so that no one but me hears?

I know that none of those people will be affected by my "resolution," nor were they affected by my name-calling. It's a kind of poison that serves only to sour my attitude and weaken my personality. So I think I should stop doing it. At least, that is something that is completely within my control to do (unlike some of my other lofty resolutions about bringing about world peace, a strong economy, and employment).