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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

From Twitter 01-12-2011

  • 08:00:50: How to get a diamond from your novel.: http://t.co/cJg1iGM @48hrbooks. I've started mining older works with some success. Good advice!
  • 08:32:47: Working on a logline for my new movie script. Anyone seen Dag Hamar lately? http://bit.ly/fiTmEy #blog #scriptfrenzy
  • 08:37:21: RT @lizcastro: I'm skeptical. RT @MatthewDiener Maybe ugly eBooks aren't so bad, especially if intended to educate. http://on.wsj.com/i ...
  • 13:58:07: Just finished an interview on KUOW "The Conversation" http://www.kuow.org/listen/. Good, though brief. All about Long Tale Press.
  • 14:00:09: Good "How to get published" segment with Jennifer Worick and Kerry Colburn. http://www.kuow.org/listen/ You can download on demand.
  • 14:05:07: Hi! Nathan Everett, managing editor of Long Tale Press and budding novelist. #litchat
  • 14:07:57: RT @whateversusan: #litchat Susan Bigelow, writer (book, BROKEN, out in two weeks!)
  • 14:10:09: A1: That the end of the book fulfills the expectation set at the beginning. #litchat
  • 14:17:26: I don't think the expectations mentioned here are a constraint. If we didn't intend to give our best, we wouldn't write. #litchat
  • 14:19:55: RT @LexxClarke: Having said that, keeping your writing fresh is a huge pressure on a writer but the pay off is huge #litchat
  • 14:23:57: A2: Yes, but... Author branding can be a huge trap for author who wants to write multiple kinds of stories, like James Patterson. #litchat
  • 14:27:45: If branded, you have to be clear when not writing in genre. Reader needn't expect because I did mystery next book is too. #litchat
  • 14:28:51: RT @whateversusan: But if readers trust an author already, will they be more inclined to take a leap across genres with them? #litchat
  • 14:30:41: I never think about the career. I write because that is what I am. I think about my life, not the career. #litchat
  • 14:33:09: A3: If you are going to be a public person as an author and not a recluse, then a social media presence is required. #litchat
  • 14:38:35: RT @johannaharness: RT @budparr: An unused blog on your site is worse than none at all #litchat
  • 14:39:34: Blog: Not a place to whine or talk to writers. It's a place to showcase your talent to your readers so they become more interested. #litchat
  • 14:41:56: A4: Free isn't an issue unless the book wasn't worth what the reader paid. #litchat
  • 14:47:28: Q7: the reviews build trust for the reviewer, not the writer. Will I ever listen to this person's recommendation again? #litchat
  • 14:58:34: Thanks everybody. Great conversations. Good luck with your writing projects. Have to run now. #litchat
  • 15:21:20: Promising new #mystery excerpt at Long Tale Press needs your review. Should we publish "Hold the Anchovies?" http://bit.ly/ffnaVh
  • 17:44:23: The book (GOB) is in the mail. Let's see what #publisher # 1 has to say! #amwriting

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