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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

Fleeting Memory

For the second time, yesterday I remembered what I planned to write about. I reached for a pen and didn't have one handy. I was right in the middle of editing something important, so I thought to myself, No problem. I'll remember this. I hadn't finished the project I was working on before I'd completely forgotten. I can't remember it yet.

So I'm walking around with a pen and pad of paper everywhere I go, ready to pounce on the idea as soon as it shows its ugly head again. I'll capture it and explore it at my leisure.

It might surprise you to know that this is not age-related, or Alzheimer's, or dementia. It's always been like that. One minute I have a great idea or plan to do something or start a project. The next minute, I am working on something else entirely, am reading a book, or am watching television. I don't remember what I was intending to do until the idea pops up again as if it was brand new.

Take ordering the water filter. Once a year, our drinking water filter needs to be changed. It lets us know by beeping when we run water through the special spout. I think it started beeping in November. Last Friday I ordered the filter. It would beep as I ran water for coffee in the morning and I would think as soon as the coffee is ready, I'll go order a filter. But when the coffee was ready, I would be reading the newspaper, and when the newspaper was finished, I would be rushing to the computer to write down the next new idea or blog post. I wouldn't think about the coffee filter again until the next time I made coffee.

I'm not even sure this is an attention deficit sort of thing, though I know I've got a bit of ADD. The truth is that it seems like everyone I know spends 10 minutes looking for their keys before they get in the car, gets caught up in Internet searches when they intend to be writing, can't remember what they intended to have for dinner. I think it is the nature of fleeting memory. All we can do is lie in wait to ambush them and write them down.

Then remember where we put our notepad.