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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

I thought it was a dragon.

A few years ago, I was wearing my greyhound sweatshirt that had a very stylized drawing of a greyhound with the motto "Hundus Speediensus: Latin for Fast Dawg." My family had adopted a rescued greyhound named Valsora who quickly wormed his way into our hearts and lives. We loved to talk to people about our dog.

A little girl--I'd guess about 4 years old--was staring at my shirt. She kept approaching a little and then backing away, approaching once again. I finally said, "Do you like my greyhound? He's a very big and very fast dog and he's very friendly." She looked at me wide-eyed, tilted her head a little as she looked at the shirt and said, "I thought it was a dragon." That simple phrase became the key statement in my novel Stn. George & The Dragon. (Coming soon!) Steven attacks a duck, a basket of melons, a tinker's cart, a dwarf, a company of knights, and a thief--each time dejectedly looking at the results and saying "I thought it was a dragon."

I sometimes have the same response to a problem I've just attacked and discovered it was nothing at all like what I thought it was. My current "dragon" is year-end finances and taxes for my business. Yesterday it was putting our Long Tale Press ebooks for sale on Barnes & Noble. I delayed the process as long as I could because I thought it was a dragon.

Valsora passed on in the summer of 2009 and it took four months before I was ready to bring another greyhound into the family. These two are (yes, I couldn't stop at one) are young, playful, demanding, loving, incredible pets. I can see how you might mistake them for a dragon. Lucy and Bliss are a constant reminder to me that not everything that looks like a dragon is a dragon.

There's a corollary to that, but I'll talk about it later.


What good-looking doggies! Love those faces!