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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

Dreaming of light and warmth

In spite of the freezing temperatures outside this morning, the day is dawning bright and clear. Damn! One need only look up to see a giant eagle flying overhead with a bundle of sticks in its mouth. (Check out Isle of Man legends.) No matter what Punxsutawny Phil has to say this morning, any groundhog poking its head out today in the northwest will see his shadow and freeze it off. Six more months of winter. Ooops. Weeks.

So, of course, I'm counting my pennies, thinking I could live a long time in Belize for $10. Maybe here:

I love the Pacific Northwest in many ways, but the older I get the grayer winter looks to me. I've had a couple of trips over 4th of July weeks to places that were extraordinarily hot (Reno, Palm Desert, Las Vegas) just to dry out my bones and warm up.

I was raised where this week winter storms have hit with a vengeance this week, and I don't envy anyone in the midwest right now. Even my alma mater in Indianapolis has closed and canceled classes. The snow in Laketon has people sitting at home and not moving--certainly not driving. Even the last holiday of winter (Superbowl Weekend) is suffering from airport closures and snow in Dallas. Winter is hard in those areas. But in a week--maybe two--winter will be over in Indiana. They'll be listening for the sirens that announce tornado season. They'll go from two feet of snow to two feet of mud to ground packed too hard to get a plow through in days.

Here, we'll have 42 degrees and cloudy until July.

Hmmm. I just found a roll of dimes that I put away about ten years ago. How much is a ticket to Belize?