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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

SuperAd Sunday

If they didn't keep interrupting the show with that football game, we could have watched all the ads in an hour or so. As it was, I kept walking out of the room to get a glass of wine or a sandwich and missing the entire commercial. So I can't say I saw all the good stuff yesterday.

Since SuperBowl XVIII, we've been waiting to find out why 1984 isn't like 1984, certain that the half-time show would show us the way. In the second quarter, Motorola took a swing at its old ally (original Mac was powered by a Motorola chip) to show its upcoming tablet called Xoom, with Google Android. It's pretty cool and ranks in my top three ads.

Number two on the list was the Budweiser Dogs playing poker ad. Best line: There's a whisker in my drink. I think that covers all the ads that weren't about cars in some way. Chrysler's "Imported from Detroit" ad was almost a feature film in itself, but the sentimentality went into overdrive with the choir backing up Eminem's walk down the aisle of an otherwise empty theater.

The Mercedes "Welcome" ad brought a smile. It definitely needed the tag at the end. Cute. The Suzuki Kizashi ad on the other hand... Well, let's just say I'm not driving a car in winter that sounds like a sneeze anyway.

My number one pick was the Chevy Camaro ad. I've been in enough brainstorming sessions to see this conversation taking place. The end is a great twist and a great tribute as well when we find the daredevil driver is an elementary school teacher in a 426 HP Camaro. That's the kind of power our teachers need!

Of course, there were a fair number of commercials in questionable taste. Go Daddy maintains its tradition with a twist of humor that misses by a mile. Groupon couples the trouble in Tibet with their great food at a discount. Skechers does its best to seduce while breaking up. You really don't know what the ad's about until the tagline. Pepsi Max... well, I never had a first date like that and I'd guess nobody wants one. And Mini's "Cramit in the Boot" with its boot-shaking hostess is just yuck.

There were a share of quietly inspirational ads that definitely rank in the top tiers. Coke did well with it's entirely non-dialog "Border" ad. Makes you want to teach the world to sing again. The Bridgeston "Carma" ad, even with what looks like 60s era animal animation is still a feelgood ad. And I'm definitely seeing "Cowboys & Aliens" this summer.

Well, that was what passed for a review of the Superbowl. And that one team that didn't catch up, didn't win, but the other one did.
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Didn't you like the pint-sized Darth Vader? I thought he was adorable!

(In real life, according to CNN, the 6-year-old actor is a survivor of congenital heart problems.)