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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

A Taxing Situation

What is more depressing?

  1. Having to pay a big bunch of taxes
  2. Not having enough income to pay taxes on

I’m finishing up my personal income tax forms to send to the accountant this morning. By my calculations, that is 8 months early since I can’t remember the last time my taxes were filed before October 15. All of the forms for filing them haven’t even been published yet.

But sending a child to college dictates that tax forms have to be filed in order for scholarship information to be finalized. Of course the deadline for scholarships is long before the deadline for taxes. What a circus. So I’m figuring that I liked paying a lot of taxes better than the alternatives, so I’m firing up the old printing press and making more money. No, not counterfeit money. Books to sell for money. Sheesh!

And there is another Catch 22. I have to buy the books I sell before they are sold, meaning I have to put money into inventory. That’s why I’m pushing pre-orders for Steven George & The Dragon. I’ll have the proof copy in hand this week and will order my stock as soon as I see that it isn’t printed upside down or something. I’ll order a quantity of books based on the number of pre-release orders I get. It’s a pretty common industry practice, but usually the publisher bases that decision on how many copies a distributor orders where I’m basing it on consumer orders.

So, I’m sweetening the pot again. I’m removing the shipping charges from the order form. If you’ve already ordered, you’ll get the shipping refunded. If you order now, shipping is included or you can pick the book up at the big party on March 25.

What else can I say? I’m doing my part to help Uncle Sam collect taxes. Go ahead and click!