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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

Countering the Counter-Revolution

That grassroots movement you hear about is bogus. The ultra-conservatives who would defund Planned Parenthood while subsidizing NASCAR. Those who hold healthcare to be the privilege of the wealthy. Those who are ready to invade Libya, Tunisia, Somalia, The Ivory Coast, Egypt, etc. Those who would bust the unions, bash the gays, and put women back in the kitchen.

These are not the revolutionaries. These are the regime that was overthrown in the revolution of the last presidential election. These are the injured elite who are fighting to turn the world back in time and regain their privileged status. Their ideas are not new. They are the same tenets that supported “No” votes on every progressive measure in the past ten years.

These are the people that led us to the brink of bankruptcy and financial ruin and have fought every sane remedy proposed. They are funded by the disgraced corporate executives who plundered our jobs and our savings. They back-pedal from every statement they make that reveals their true nature with declarations of “That’s not what I meant,” or “That was taken out of context.”

There is no context that justifies their hunger for power. Make no mistake. It is all about power. Having the government wrested from their control in 2008, they will stop at nothing to get their power back. They will hide behind tradition, obfuscation, and outright lies.

And if we the people do not rise at the polls and reject their bid to subjugate us again, we the people will return to serfdom. We the people will again have our homes stripped from us by usurious mortgage holders, our savings depleted by embezzling executives, our jobs lost in economic turmoil, and our lives lost in the next nefarious war.

Our constitution was written to give us government in which our voices were heard. If we do not raise them, no African, Asian, Middle Eastern, European, or South American nation will come to our aid to restore democracy. It is up to us to counter the counter-revolution.