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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

It’s a girl!

Eighteen years ago today, life changed in our household as we welcomed the most exciting new development in our family: The birth of our little baby daughter. She was stubborn and opinionated even on that Tuesday morning, refusing normal birth channels and opting for special treatment. As the doctors extracted her from her mother, one said “Here’s your baby girl!” The other said, “And here’s her car keys.”

This morning, she grabbed the keys and drove off to skating, leaving us alone to contemplate the huge milestone in our lives. Who knew what an incredible, intelligent, talented, and beautiful young woman she would grow into?

She long ago outgrew the height chart we used to mark at every birthday—and sometimes between when she was growing so fast we were buying new clothes every month. Now, she attends college, has a job, a boyfriend, drives herself, has mastered her Senior Gold Figure Skating moves, has written four novels, plays the guitar, has her own bank accounts, and generally decides for herself what the course of her day and her life will be.

Minutes after she was born, she opened her blue eyes and looked directly into mine. The nurse, satisfied that she was alive and healthy, picked her up and placed her in my arms and I carried her to her mother’s side. That connection among the three of us has changed repeatedly over the past 18 years, but has never weakened. “Pride and joy” does not begin to describe my feeling about her and what she has brought to our lives.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!