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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

Playing Baseball in Congress

There are so many things in the news this week that deserve of scathing sarcasm that I can’t possibly do justice to them. The budget battle in Washington, DC, of course, the gutting of Medicaid and Medicare, Reichert’s criticism of AARP for making money off the current healthcare legislation, just to name a few. And those are the big ones that grab headlines. We’re still wading through the morass of war in the Middle East. The Libyan revolution has come to a standstill. The price of coffee just went up. And roving cameras at Mariners baseball games show a lot of people drinking beer to excess at the games.

That’s why I chose baseball. Ron Judd quipped that the first five people who applied for the job of sitting in fields counting marmots this summer were the same people who waited in line all night to get Mariners single game tickets. No wonder people are drinking in the stands.

And the game makes about as much sense as watching congress in action. We could do a lot of good if we added beer to the spectator galleries in Washington, DC and hired umpires to call strikes on the congressmen who swing and miss at solving the country’s problems. The latest proposal for balancing the budget includes giving $2.4 trillion in tax cuts to the nation’s highest earners and privatizing Medicaid and Medicare giving them to the industry that spends more on lobbying and conservative campaign donations than any other except oil.

My health insurance that covers nothing but catastrophic illness costs almost as much as my mortgage. Filling my car with gas costs almost as much as my health insurance. Go figure.

We should equip congress with baseball bats. Then elect Barry Bonds. They couldn't convict him, so let's elect him. Then, while we drink our beers and cheer on our favorites, we’ll let the last congress-dweeb standing decide the budget and the fate of Medicare.

I’m betting on Bonds. Free drugs for all!