wayzgoose (wayzgoose) wrote,

I give up—I will endure

This morning I am torn. Last night a dear friend passed away. She was not yet 60 years old and among the people she leaves behind is her 18-year-old daughter. She was a lovely person and a 12-year survivor of breast cancer. The myeloma and kidney failure that took her came on rapidly and were overwhelming. Ultimately, she simply couldn’t fight it any longer.

I’m not going to trivialize her passing by saying writing is like that, too. If anything, what she endured speaks to the highest in human spirit and defiance of the odds. It puts the little struggles we face in perspective. Not finding the right word, making the next sale, or getting the design perfect are not that serious. (Though she was a designer and might differ with the last statement!)

What is most important, in our lives, our careers, our writing, and our relationships is not words on paper, but what we give to others, how we treat our families, and the love that remains long after we pass.

Rest in peace, Ka’imi.

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