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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

#ArmchairBEA—The Book Industry’s Premier Virtual Event

Book Expo America (BEA) is the number one industry event for the publishing industry in the United States. It is where publishers announce their upcoming season of books and try to get the hype built. Reviewers, readers, bookstores, distributors, and authors go to the convention at Javits Center in NYC to collect dozens of pre-release and released books (free samples), to make buying decisions, and to compete for a minute of glory on one of the platforms where readings, interviews, technology demonstrations (age of eBooks), and other hype is displayed with high hopes for the future.

I’ve been privileged to attend BEA and be a presenter there in the past. But this year, circumstances prevent my being in NYC. So I’m one of the many who will participate virtually through ArmchairBEA. Organized over the past couple of years as book bloggers and publishers cooperate together through Twitter and blogs, ArmchairBEA has become the book industry’s premier virtual event.

Today, we introduce ourselves. Here goes:

I’m Nathan, AKA Wayzgoose.

Blog address is Writer’s Cramp: http://wayzgoose.livejournal.com/

Websites: http://longtalepress.com and http://nwesignatures.com

Twitter: @wayzgoose

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Wayzgoose (mention ArmchairBEA in friend request)

In 140 Characters: Author, Publisher, Book & eBook designer. Working in the virtual world. Living in the real world.

If you could put one book in the hands of everyone you come in contact with, what would it be and why?
Well, that’s easy, it would be my book. Why? Because I love to tell stories and it is so much better when someone is listening.

What book are you looking forward to reading the most in 2011?
Mary Doria Russell’s new offering, Doc. I’ve long appreciated Ms. Russell’s work and after hearing her speak last week, I can hardly wait for my copy to arrive!

If you could have lunch with any author, living or not, who would it be and where/what would you eat?
When it comes down to it, I’m really not that much of a Fanboy when it comes to specific authors. But I think that I’d enjoy a meal with Dorothy Sayers (Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries). I imagine that we would eat at a teashop or pub near Oxford where some of my favorites are set. Ms. Sayers helped introduce me to the concept of reading for pleasure—something that I hadn’t known in my youth.

Giveaways: Officially, tomorrow is Giveaway day, but they start today. Join ArmchairBEA and you will automatically be eligible to receive a free ePUB eBook of Steven George & The Dragon. That’s my promo this week. (Of course, there will be other giveaways from both Long Tale Press and NWE Signatures, including an ARC of my newest thriller, The Gutenberg Rubric!)