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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

March 2015



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TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

Kailin Gow launches DESIRE today with great prize giveaway

I have to admit that after watching a lot of Anime over the past couple of months, I’m seeing the draw of Dystopian literature. Set in worlds/societies where human misery is the norm, the effect can be surprisingly uplifting. Billed as a Dystopian Fantasy Romance, Desire has made it onto my 2011 must-read list.

Acclaimed award-winning author Kailin Gow recently won the most awards in fiction in the 2nd Annual International Book Awards, winning awards in Horror Fiction, Romance Fiction, Young Adult Fiction, Multicultural Fiction, Multi-Genre Fiction, and Women’s Literature. She is a winner along with Bishop Desmond Tutu and Rick Warren in this global book competition featuring books from publishers large and small.

It’s no wonder readers are calling her the next “IT author!”

A Dystopian world where everyone's future is planned out for them at age 18... whether it is what a person desires or not. Kama is about to turn 18 and she thinks her Life s Plan will turn out like her boyfriend's and friend's as they desired. But when she glimpse a young man who can communicate with her with his thoughts and knows her name... a young man with burning blue eyes and raven hair, who is dressed like no other in her world, she is left to question her Life's Plan and her destiny. Knowing the truth can destroy everyone...


If you act now and preorder your copy of DESIRE, with every purchase you:

  • Get a chance to win a SIGNED Kindle, pre-filled with goodies from Kailin. ($200 value)
  • Get a chance to win a DESIRE perfume and lotion set from Victoria’s Secret. ($100 value)
  • Get a chance to win 10 SIGNED books from Kailin Gow ($200 value)

And you’ll have free access to a valuable collection of bonus gifts from top authors and coaches that will help provide you with information on how to achieve the life that you DESIRE: